Global Call camp in Paris (14 to 17 July)

Hello all,
Here in Paris we are organizing 4 journeys of meetings, from 14 to 17 July. We are quite exited, because it will be the first meeting of cities across the country. We want to invite you to these meetings. It’s not spanishrevolution or from any side, it’s a globalrevolution. Because a lack of time and effectives we could not invite you in advance. We apologize. We would be glad to have you here with us. Also, I feel so sorry because nether me or one of my colleagues could go to Lisbon last week, which I belief I was a nice meeting with people from several countries. It would be a nice occasion to get in touch. I’ve been looking the mails. We can continue the discussion here, if you want, and I think you have a lot of things to explain.
We are preparing on Saturday a place to share experiences and knowledge from different countries. Sunday has no program, with the idea of decide it between all of us. You have the Global call from the External commission Paris (and thanks to many others) as joint document, and also other information. [Sorry that the texts are not in English or in many other languages. We would thank all the help you can give us on this] We expect that you can rest on our *future* camp. Anyhow, we’ll do our best to provide you a dry, warm and soft place to rest. In order to organize you, if you are sure that you will come write (with copy to all to): / /
Thank you
From External commission (former france com., spain com., international com.)

Programme journées du 14 au 17 Juillet Démocratie Réelle Maintenant Paris

Rassemblement du 14 Juillet

Journée du 14 juillet :

13h30 : Marche de Belleville à Bastille *

16h00 : Conférence, Débats, Jeux

21h00 : Bal, Concerts

* un point d’accueil restera à Bastille pendant la marche

Célébration du 15M

Métro Bastille ou Bréguet – Sabin

Programme :

14h : débats et projections de films.

18h : conférence sur nos droits.

21h : soirée festive.

Journées du 16 et du 17 : Rencontres et Assemblée

Métro Buttes Chaumont ou Botzaris

Rencontres internationales et assemblée populaire aux Buttes Chaumont.


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