19/08 NARBONNE (AD team)

Another breakfast in Macdonald (grrrrr) where we worked a lot, almost forgetting the meeting with Matiax where we gone running until this sunny mazet lost in the camp.

cooking for the indignants

We found them cooking a lot of Taboulet, a french salad, with two committed friends and after the presentations around a perfect beer we started to cook together the big meal for two days of indignation in the region.


Matiax explained to us that the movement here never started like in Perpignan or Montpellier, maybe because it’s a small town, not really dynamic and a little bit isolated.Matiax, is a really dynamic person, with a lot of hope in the eyes and we felt that he was happy to meet us and to not be alone. He’s a local activist, especially in ecologic projects, he is interested on the creation of exchange networks so he shared a lot with A, our cheerful post-capitalist who live in an Eco-industrial colony close to Barcelona as we said before, a project linked with the Catalan Integral Cooperative. A wine maker neighbour was passing to say hello and integrate our ecologic discussion about the bioculture and the local distribution, we also exchanged a lot of contacts and links to contribute in the development of local alternatives projects, own of our main desires. At 19h, Matiax and his friends had planed to spread flyiers in the center of Narbonne and recover the cities with some big manual posters in whose we could read some genial sentences like “The third word send their lobbyists to Brussels” (foto). They invite us to come but we had an other international squares meeting so we stay to participate in this regular assembly A also moderated. The topic of the day was the communication around the 15 of october and some propositions for this global event. D had is own proposal for a global consensus of methodology for a systemic transformationbut half of the people wasn’t really prepared for this kind of project, the discussion was so large and passionate that we weren’t finished when the Narbones came back from their mission, we were really looking too nerd, and we are! Especially when they threw some pizza and wine to us directly in our desk because we could not leave it. Very nice people. One more time we didn’t have time to talk about the 17 of september but we closed the assembly with 5 consensus and we all admitted that it was a good one, and every time we make it better. After this big effort we wanted to go to Villeveyrac to meet an other contact but Beatrice, a narbones catalan who integrated the marche the day before called Matiax to say that a lot of walkers didn’t wanted to walk the 38km between Perpignan and Durban so they needed more cars to transport some of them. We told a lot between them and matiax with fone, looking at other roads and possibilities and we daw the disappointment appear in the face of Matiax who was thinking to forget all his beautifull plans. The walkers were in assembly and Beatrice said that it was very conflictive and after big negotiations we decide to stay in Narbonne for the night and come back with some friends of Matiax to Durban early in the morning to help them finish this difficult step. (other version in spanish) Nos despertamos temprano en Narbonne, teníamos la dirección de la masía donde se coordinaban los indignados de la zona, a 4 km de la ciudad. El lugar era muy bonito, con un jardín enorme que acoge actividades con escuelas y otros, y una plantación de olivos jóvenes con los que Matiax hace aceite de oliva ecológico. Matiax y sus amigos estaban preparando la comida para recibir a los indignados el día siguiente en Durban, es una persona muy dinámica y esperanzada, y estaba contento de ya no estar más solo. En Narbonne el movimiento indignado es seguido con interés pero no ha cuajado en un movimiento local, no han acampado ni hay asambleas. Otro tema que interesaba a Matiax es la creación de redes de intercambio, ya que no conoce por la zona a muchos otros productores ecoĺógicos. La cocina de la masía estaba llena de tomates y pimientos cortados, para preparar un taboule para el día siguiente. Luego de bebernos una cerveza de bienvenida nos pusimos nosotros también a cocinar, esperando para la asamblea internacional a las 19. El vecino, que hace vino, vino a saludar y se quedó también charlando, y los padres de Matiax acomodaban los carteles que habían hecho los días previos con frases geniales como ‘el tercer estado envía sus lobbystas a bruselas’.

carteles en narbonne

el tercer estado envia a sus lobbystas a Bruselas

carteles en narbonne

A las 7 la gente de la casa se fue a pegar los carteles y nosotros nos quedamos en la asamblea internacional, que se hizo tan larga hablando del 15 de octubre que no hubo tiempo al final para hablar del 17 de septiembre. Cuando la gente de la casa volvió, con pizza y vino del lugar, nosotros todavía no habíamos terminado, y al final nos fuimos a dormir con un total de cinco consensos en la asamblea, para salir temprano hacia Durban a encontrarnos con los indignados.


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