An open letter of the Indignants of Brussels

[Translated by morosopher]

Dear All,

You’ve probably heard that a movement is rising and spreading all over the
world, in Europe, but also in Belgium. We are independent citizens, eager
to regain the political sphere stolen from us by a minority of financial
speculators, executives of multinationals and politicians.

We refuse to continue to feed the insatiable system that does not cease to
destroy existing forms of life. We want to put an end to Western
domination, the capitalist dictatorship, the democratic illusion and more
generally to injustice and insecurity.

It is high time to end the excessive enrichment of some at the expense of
all. Now, just stating the fact is not enough. Marches from all corners of
Europe are heading for Brussels. For a week starting on October 8, there
will be an international, nonviolent gathering with the goal of reclaiming
the public space and a public discourse capable of creating laws.

The heart of the movement is the Agora, through which the assembly gives
rise to possible solutions to reverse the trajectory of the system that is
leading us straight into a wall. Themed workshops are going to be held with
the aim to understand specific issues such as sharing of common goods and
energy resources, modes of political representation, housing, work,
education, …

To nourish these workshops and make them successful, we rely on your
experience, your skills and motivation. We believe that this kind of change
can only be collective, it can only arise from the multiplicity and
diversity of those who create it.

The arrival of these marches and the wind of revolt that is blowing provide
us an opportunity to come together to develop and embody a just,
responsible and united society. To all those men and women of all ages who
no longer approve of the dynamics taken by our society, it is up to us to
get up and live our desire for change. Tomorrow, if we want, if you like,
we can regain the public space, we reclaim what is ours, namely the
generation of electricity, the collection and purification of water, the
communication networks …

We invite you to contact us by replying to this email, or via the website
of the Indignants, or by visiting the existing Agoras, commissions and
workshops. We emphasize that your participation has to be as an individual,
beyond banners and other labels. We are a political movement in which each
participant represents only himself.

It is with a deep conviction that our diversity is our strength that we
appeal to you ardently to participate in this movement.

While waiting to have a more personal contact with you, we give you a
standing salute.

The Indignants, the Engaged, the Rebels and other insurgents.



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