A letter to all the Indignants of the world

[Translated by morosopher]

The Tunisians have done the impossible by getting rid of a dictator who was
supported by politicians all around the world.

The Tunisians were able to do this with a most civilized movement.

The Tunisians have completed a task that seemed impossible before January

To achieve this, the Tunisians have given over 300 Martyrs, liters and
liters of blood were poured on the streets.

Today, mothers still mourn over their children and some young people are
again behind bars because they have said no to the new gang after January

On January 14, everyone applauded the Tunisian people.

Yes, indeed we have done an impossible task … but now we return to square

Indeed, a large part of Tunisians have had their revolution stolen. They
are in an induced coma.

My friends, we are under enormous pressure.
Who is behind all this?
Who would want that the real Tunisian revolution fails?

Friends, since January 14, we are no longer at war against a dictator, we
are at war against the entire world financial system! This is the system
that wants the Tunisian revolution to fail because it wants a Tunisia in
its own image, a Tunisia of cash, a Tunisia with an enslaved people.

My friends, in Tunisia, we want real democracy, not a made up democracy and
not an imported democracy!

My friends, I am not asking you for help!!!!!, I just want to tell you that
our fight is yours and yours is ours.

My friends, we must be united against this system that wants a planet of
slaves and not a planet of human beings.

My friends, we need to create a single movement, one program because unity
is strength.

Anis Ounaies (Abu Ahmad) Tunisia – France


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