Dear friends, comrades,

Thousands of angry, indignant people who come from different walks of life and who stayed silent for a long time against the injustice had enough now. They decided to rise up against the elite rule in Africa, America, Europe and Asia.

Despite effective corporate media blocake on 17 September, Wall Street Occupation and other important actions and occupations in Europe -Paris Bastille & London- and other continents that were organised by indignant movement proved the potential of self organised ordinary people. On the same date in Wroclaw Poland, European trade union movement mobilised in order to protest the gathering of the EU finance ministers. Unfortunately the power of the elite media could manage silence these mobilisations and this decreased the total impact of both mobilisations.

The indignant ones now are heading towards capital cities like Brussels, London and Washington this time for the 15th of October, the day of global change, World Revolution.

The target is, as usual after Tahrir Event, not only protesting unjustified and criminal acts of state and corporate financial dictatorship, the ‘elite’ people behind those institutions, and the class warfare this elite has launched towards the poor and ordinary people. It is also targeted to build permanent structures and assemblies which will constantly and transnationally collaborate each other in formulating people’s alternatives to unjust, undemocratic, destructive and selfish elite rule. By issuing people’s laws that will bring immediate alteration towards Real Democracy!

At this moment in history, we urgently need trade union movement and progressive NGOs to step up, synchronise mobilisations, and give support of any kind to the rising movements unconditionally; without trying to own or lead such uprising movement that indeed belongs to none of us, but each one of us!

Please encourage your union centres, branches, officials, experts, reps, rank and file members, or funders, networks, activists to give all possible positive support to the indignant movement towards 15 October.

Join the movement if you can, organise your mobilisations, occupy financial centres, cities of capital together with us! Be one of us, be part of one of the people’s assemblies. Lets write our own laws, vote for and enforce them our selves, by-passing the elite ridden structures.

If we could convince our comrades particularly involved in public service unions who could push for free transportation for indignant ones who wish to join protests and Tahrir like democracy camps, only this would be a great contribution for our common future!

Please join forces for real democracy, now! Do not let corporate or state elite silence us any more!

Spread the word!

GAIA – Global Alliance for Immediate Alteration


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