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25 September, 2011


La Coordination 75 des Sans-Papiers a décidé d’organiser en février 2012 une grande Marche de tous les Sans-Papiers d’Europe .

La Marche devrait réunir les Sans-Papiers venant des 28 pays de la Communauté Européenne, pour converger sur le Parlement européen de Strasbourg afin d’y réclamer auprès des députés une Résolution en faveur de la régularisation globale de tous les Sans-Papiers, capable d’orienter les Etats membres dans leur politique d’immigration pour les années à venir.

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25 September, 2011

Llamamiento a la colaboración de todas las asambleas con Ágora Bruselas / Appel à la Collaboration de toute les Assemblées pour Agora Bruxelles


El próximo día 8-O, las marchas del movimiento llegarán a Bruselas desde
distintos países. Ese mismo día dará comienzo el primer Ágora Global
del movimiento, al que están invitadas todas las asambleas y personas del

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25 September, 2011

Attempted police crackdown on Wall Street — in pictures #occupywallstreet #15m

Impressive footage on :

25 September, 2011

Greek review

Student Protested Outside Greek PM’s Home

Some 150 school and university students protested outside the home of Greek prime minister George Papandreou on Thursday morning. Six riot police squads were immediately sent to the Castri area in the north suburbs of Athens. Cordoning the area, the police hindered the students to near PM’s home, at a distance of 500 meters. Students removed some garbage bins but all in all the demonstration ended peacefully.

Of course, they chanted slogans like “Bread, Education, Freedom”, a slogan with its origins in the military dictatorship period. Back then, the slogan was chanted also by former students who currently holding important ministerial posts in the Greek government.

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25 September, 2011



What´s going on in Spain? Why are young people so upset and yet channel their indignation in such a peaceful and non-violent way? What is the role of conventional – alternative media in that regard? Is something like the movement of the “indignados” possible in today’s Sweden?

OPEN DEBATE 28/9 at Biotopia

(19.00 -21.00), Vasagatan 4, Uppsala

Info: and Azril Bacal,

What are we about? A unique initiative of various local actors from the academic, student and civil society organizations, who decided to organize a monthly panel on the critical issues of our times.

Objective: To construct a monthly news & cultural platform to inform and debate, from a diversity of viewpoints and voices, in a democratic, dialogical, planetarian and intercultural approach, the main issues, challenges, problems & and viable solutions confronting Humankind in the 21st Century.

Preliminary organizing group and individual members: Uppsala Social Forum (USF), NBV, Biotopia (biological museum – nature in Uppland) – and as private persons: Göran Svensson (Lecturer and Director of Studies of Informatics and Media), Anisur Rahman (Writer-in-Residence, Uppsala City).

For whom? English-speaking persons and concerned citizens seeking for reliable alternative sources of information neglected by established media

Organized by USF, NBV Uppsala lδn Gotland, m.fl.