Student protests in Bangladesh

Protests are becoming increasingly violent. I understand the anger that the students feel. The women sit down and hold plackards, the men attack vehicles and incite the police to violence. I don’t have any answer to this but I feel it needs to be noted and acknowledged how difficult it is for women like myself to take part in demonstrations when there is deliberate provocation of police. This movement needs to learn to deal with anger, or it just becomes a riot.

What does it mean to deal with anger? For me it means firstly to listen to the women, to follow their lead. For too long the men have been the dominating power. Then what happens is just more of the same. Yes there are some women who will go along with the men’s lead. Actually I am asking you to find those womanly feelings in yourselves: make a space where a child can walk safely, feel protected. If these demos are not fit for children they are not fit for anyone. I don’t know how to do it, but I know it has to be done that way, or else we carry on the same terror which is being done to us.


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