[ESP/ENG] Comunicado a los medios que no pueden grabar a las marchas indignadas a bruselas


A raiz de la insistencia por parte de los medios de entrar en la Universidad ocupada por los indignados, se hace necesario comunicar que la razón por la que consideramos inaccesible el lugar para las cámaras no deben buscarla en las puertas de la universidad sino en las puertas del burogomaestre de Koekelberg que no permite el campamento, Phillippe Pivin.


Following the insisting demand of media in entering the university, occupied by the Indignants, it is necessary to speak out the reason of inaccessibility of cameras: instead of seeking the doors of the university, the media should quest the mayor´s door of the municipality Koekelberg, Philippe Pivin, and ask why a camp is not possible.


3 Comments to “[ESP/ENG] Comunicado a los medios que no pueden grabar a las marchas indignadas a bruselas”

  1. This is just ridiculous ! i tought this movement was open, inclusive, and most of all would not censor media, any media, plus the KUV is a public space, this press note should be removed ! and only the idea of now welcoming any human beings should be put again in the light of the day…we have already not enough visibility, not enough participants, there is the 15.oct coming and the idea is to not let the media do their job ?
    i’m not sure at this point , this is a good strategy. #fail

  2. I agree with you Ben.

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