International Coordination and Communication Meeting Brussels

Meeting between members of International communications teams from the movement of indignados.

This meeting took place the day after the Global day and the idea was to continue adding ideas to the international coordination of communication for further actions.


Sam (takethesquare Australia)
César (acampadabcn enviromental comission)
Amira ( Video-journalist Warsaw)
Pedro (takethesquare Madrid)
Santiago (takethesquare Madrid)
Adrian (Com Belgium)
Missy (squares/boat Gaza – Washington DC)
Héctor (Indymedia Asturies)
Guillaume (Audiovisuals Nomad collective, Bayonne)
Tony (Com Paris)
Javier (acampadabcn Web content)
Lucrecia (acampadabcn Communication)
Christian (AudioviSol, Madrid)
Alberto (Audiovisual, March Mediterranea)
Erick (Photographer, Madrid)
Laurent Granada (DRY Internacional)
Susana (International Commision, Madrid)
Stephanie (Graphics, Nomad collective, Bayonne)
Antonio (Philosophical interest in movt, Brussels)
Dani (Communication March Meseta, Santander)
Massimiliano (Communication March to Athens, Itinerant)
Héctor (acampadabcn International Commission, Barcelona)
Julian (Translator, Madrid)
Yussef (Com Belgium)
Oli (acampadabcn International Commission, Barcelona)
Alexandra (Com Bordeaux, France)
Verónica (Com March Meseta, USA)





Organisation (Internal/External)


Next meeting


Héctor (acampadabcn International Commission, Barcelona)


Verónica (Com March Meseta, USA)

:::::OPEN METTING:::::

:::::Last meeting review:::::

Hector begins with the presentation of the last international meeting giving in Paris on September 18. Projected on a screen the agenda was decided in Paris and speaks of the points discussed.

:::::Minute Paris:::::






International Press Conference in Paris

Next meeting

:::::Presentation of the participants:::::

Sam: Take the square, wrote some articles, helped the movement in Australia. Next week going to Amsterdam to continue working

Cesar: Started Barcelona camp, working in environmental commission, G20, info about March to Paris

Amira: Polish press, polish tv, interviews, editing of film

Pedro: Working as a journalist, take the square, documenting democratic movt

Santiago: take the square and indymedia, campaigns for outsourcing journalism

Adrian: Belgium commission, bridge btw community, promote movt

Missy: Was in Gaza, this week helped in media center, helping from DC square from now on

Hector: films and videos, weekly resume of march with camera, video clips, pro camera, recording for 15o, made promos, and also helped in infirmary, next step- occupy the tv

Guillem: From bayonne, marcha meseta, will continue, working on video, mking a red of videos for collaboration on documentary of movt, next follow movt in other marches

Tony: From Barcelona, is in Paris, working juridical, twitter, streaming frm Belgium and French accounts, next work on French, movt.

Javier: Contents for web page, next- skills in dynamics of assembly and in creating of consensus

Lucrecia: Barcelona communication, help communicate with marches, and here in agora, next- continue camp in bcn

Christian: From Madrid, media center in Madrid, covering protest for Madrid, next, document occupied buiding in Madrid

Alberto: From Tenerife, van, support for audio visual

Erik: Madrid, lives in neighborhood where building has been occupied, photographer and videographer making documentary, working with French director, action committee in brussles, next go bck to paris then Madrid to see new building

Laurent: from Granada, communication with lots of groups, diffusion, speak with local groups n spain, document and strategy internationally.

Susana: Madrid international commission, came with Laurence,

Stephanie: took photos and made newspaper of movt, next- stay in Brussels to work

Antonio: Hibernating in Spain, came to brusls to coordinate movt, philosophical interests of movt

Dani: Santander, march from the start, coordination btw Baiona Paris Brussels, working with guillem to plan next agora in rome

Maximiliano: Lives in Brussels, Italian, planning march to Athens,

Hector, bcninternational: Media center in paris, media center in Brussels, contact with international press, next to Barcelona to pass winter.

Julian: Translation spanish to french, French to English, computer aide, communication in nikki case, next- redact many thing into differnet languages

Yuseff: Helped in the media center, next- learn how to improve the information inside the movement, wants to help

Oli: Coordinate the beginning of media center terrain in the HUB, next go to Barcelona.

Alexandra: Bordeaux helped internal and external communication, French press, next- continue to help with communications of ideas about the movement

Veronica: From USA, joined march from valencia to madrid, then did march to brussles, helped coordinate communication, presented at Agora brussels re: rivatzation of water, currently working on a project proposal for the Alternative World Water forum in March, helped translate press releases and official internal communication into English and whatever else is needed.. 🙂


23oct Brusssels action: Assembly in front European Commission, workshops and debates about financial.
31oct Judgement in Paris to our 11 comrades arrested there during the Marches to Brussels.
1 to 4th November Camp established in Nice ready for people to join them for G20
1st nd 2nd nov. Actions in Nice, the 3rd and 4th in Cannes.
March to Athens departing around nov 5th from Nice., arriving in Rome and final destination in Athens, for planning 15th may Athens Agora.
5th nov indignandos in London nov 5th anonymous date
20th nov.General elections in Spain: organize campaing w/o party
10th december: International human rights day
march 3rd and 4th international alternative
world water forum in Marseille.


*internal/ mailing lists, contents, support to communicate, ways to diffuse and optimize everything between us

Different ways to communicate among us, which groups can we reach from inside contact organiziging media centers.

Problems with too many platforms, google list works, and live we use skype

Documenting active camps and fiding a contact person from each one

Create a new system besides take the square, a lot more systems, like N-1 and decide whats best system to organize people

Email is the easiest way, start a mailing lists for contacts, start structures of mailing lists,
share current list of squares with new squares;

Think about which system works for growth google wave- copy and paste info, videos, photos.

Upload material questions, web server, webserver for documenting and uploading server capacity is unlimited

Take the square lists are very easy, irc is automatically encrypted.


Complete list of take the square list and skype for contacts and internal communication
create an agency, small groups in as many cities as possible,

Develop a proposal for a more secure system parallel that can be more useful and longterm
one or 2 reunion monthly

IP secure addresses for communication

Content database for researching and and uploading info

Centralize and coordinate audiovisuals for big documentary to promote movement

List of international comissions, a list of new camps, list of collaborate web server for upload and distribute accounts for access Rise-UP

Meeting for documenting and analysing what has already happened and be able to make better decisions later

Make how to’s for security and email list servers

Blog to support polish movment which has recently become active

*external/ international response, people who are camping and for the general public

Content and objectives are necessary now for getting help from outside sources
media system that acts as an amplifier- antonio has it when we have the content ready J
politics reform, maybe its not our job, but everyone was talking about politics in Madrid, some people don’t agree.

Structured message is really hard to find because it depends in local and state levels
building independent media platform.

Content external for people the do-it-yourself-change-the-world
summary of what people who walked experienced, video interviews
forum for all the countries to give their ideas about the steps to change the world

Takethesquare was the idea for all the collective website
twitter and strategy for reaching people who are not web-savvy
organize and provide the assemblies with political alternatives

147,000,000 visits to site this past week. -15ht of October website

Use book of the people to meet requests, and organize common message and establish something on common

Nobel prize people and others want to support us and there are lots of resources, support them in supporting us

Our task is to give them the “weapon” for change, not to convince them about the change
concrete proposals are being developed, honor the work all this people and organize this work

How do we make otc15 website our central link to develop a single page

Create something like a media agency?

Create the Agorabook to interchange archives, communication and difusion.


Unify global demands from the movement- united manifest to make everyone understand we have a common demand

Organize list of all active inside websites in support of movt

Work group for creating database of content for external info
declare to the world one year date

Coordinate ourselves before the next meeting for an international webpage for international communication

Internet forum on the internet for democracy and communication
focused webpage

Physical meeting, if possible, for international contacts

Develop roles so in the media it is clear

Reaching the non-internet based people

Funding for having international meet

Fix new meeting date for this group to continue to concrete other proposals given today
propose date earlier than one year, close agenda for international meeting before then
manifest, information about what is going wrong in society, expose that we are not in a real democracy so that they are clear about the change

Create international commission cordination for organizing groups?

BBC and other external media speaks of movt as if occuy wall street started this, lets inform them so it doesn’t die out like a fad

Clarify that this movt hasn’t started with a book.

When speaking to the press, it should be our own communication, written etc. so hat the media cannot manipulate info

Contact to musicians for spreading the movement –(for ex. michael franti)

Work to improve local grassroots contacts and support for thse who want to help us and don’t know how to reach us, focus more on the people instead of the media, regular people get lost trying to follow us

Inform the public but also inform the people in the movt to know how to speak to the public, be our own media info point, and also to know who is working where contct grassroots organizations actively working on similr goals to coordinate actions with us

Make a splash page for funnelling and diluting info for the unknown public, but careful organizing one central page

Organize long-term goals for changing the world, one year, for example, to make the change.


Rise up, email lists, and two groups, huge activists networking site
security- internal security is needed, create an internet platform, and secret web for coordination, a funnel website,

Nikki, police in jail, we are in a squat, put music with a directional mike in case people are spying

Yesterday, doctor was alone, police arrested him, (talk to legal dept)

Different platforms and using different supports project on the internet set up to help us organize security, also, website, security in a box, step by step info about how to be more secure

Internet and concrete security of content, and of the people who are of the movement- we have nothing to hie, but he actions have to be hidden unti the last moment, but that’s not the function of interntional comm. team

Securing the safety of diplomats, 3rd level security, for sensible info, personal security for human beings involved

Being public figures keeps us more secure

Teach internet security, antivirus, strong passwords, basic knowledge, platforms that are safe

Book of the people- what are we going to do with it??? physically, content based- both books are digital now, make public! so that they are available to those new movements the books are used when we are walking, presenting it to the parliament, make an online book, compile all, because the german march also has a book, then divide by subject, then translate, then publish, then to do an open-book, so that people who read the book can add to it.


Concrete security, a respect commission for security

Code names specific to security high-risk groups

We have nothing to hide, publicize who we are

Free-style new subjects, analyse why we are here and not in the university, analyse what happened here in Brussels

Making rounds at nite to be safe in building occupations, safety and security of occupations
respect commisission for how we leave the occupations, and temp occupied spaces of support

Create database for Global book of the people. must find other people who have already been working on this

Auto-define ourselves- 15M movt and democracy real now are still being put in the same category, demorealists, brainstorm about our denomination, the journalists and even people of the movement like to be called something… a text justification to define us.

:::::Next meeting:::::

People can host the meet at the same time in various places?

2-3 months linked with actual action so that theres more people present

G-20 for next meeting

Rome in january

Remember proposal to do 1-2 skype meets a month

Jan-feb to give a close date to impose for next big global event

May for reaching unification for new assemblary proposal in new camps

Athens, nice fifth of nov

Translate into arab and Japanese

G20 is a melange of many movt will support us


Consensuated virtual meeting twice a month on Mumble and share minutes, coordinate by email

Physical meeting in Rome in January with the Agora Rome but people can skype in also

media center bruxelles


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