Next step for dignity!

After our participation in the Ágora and 15th of Octuber global manifestation in Brussels, we have decided that our march can’t be stopped. And since our desire is to continue spreading our message and to connect with the other assemblies of the world, the International March to Athens is borned, as an open project to all who wants to support and participate in it.

We will meet in Niza on the 5th of Novembre 2011 after the G20 Summit (30th Octubre – 4th Novembre) to organize ourselves and go few days afterwards. We will pass by different villages and cities of Italy. We will cross the Adriatic Sea from Bari to reach Greece, then we will walk to Athens as final destiny. In both of Rome and Athens, we will participate in the Global Agoras the will be organized at the arrival of the marches.

The march will be formed by small groups of walkers and cyclists (12 to 25 person aprox.), that will advance by parallel routes to reach out more people on the way. The idea is to reunite in cities then to walk part of the distance together. Everytime that the number of the group reaches about 25 person, the main group will be divided in to two independent groups. And in every village the march will call for asemblies and will exchange experiance, problems and ideas.

The values that unite the different marches are the horizontality, the active participation, the no-violence, and the inclusivity of the members. We propose to continue the asambleary work and the decision making through consensus by practicing direct democracy. We will also work to reach the sustainability of the march and to convey a message of respect to the environment.

We make this march to to animate people to take the public space and meet, to talk about politics and decide for their own lives. We make this march to propose and learn, to inspire and το be enriched, to speak and listen, to give and receive. We want to reach Rome and Athens to bring a message of hope and unity. Most of all, we want to participate in the Global Agoras to in order to coordinate at international level, to prepare projects in common, to confront together the problems and create a just society for everybody.

We walk for dignity. Together we can reach the Utopia.

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March to Athens


  1. Action For Justice ( AXJ ) of Greece will be supporting you.

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