#occupyToronto dance #acampadabcn #15M

Occupy rally in Toronto. At 0:04 and 0:34 I pan the crowd, to give you idea of its size. Come out next time. What does occupy stand for?…

Eliminating the wage gap, for one.

There is only so much money in the world. People get angry when governments print more.

Imagine being at dinner with 100 people, and 1 person taking 40% of the food. Not 5% or 10%; maybe you could live with that. Or even 20%. We’re talking about 40%.

Would you stand for it? Who should be embarrassed? You? The victims who don’t say anything? Or worse, the victims who stand with the criminal, and against other victims, like some kind of modern day Uncle Tom?

The 1% do not work harder than us 99%. They are not better people than you and I. The only way they can and do end-up with 40% of it is by stealing 40% of your share, and 40% of the share of everyone you know.

The same 1% who pay you 40% of what money your work brings in — and pocket the rest — make sure that when you get home you pay 40% more than products are worth — and pocket the rest. They’re stealing from you everywhere you turn.

If you’re sick of 1% living high-on-the-hog from your share, make yourself visible. At least you can do that, no? The movement is about making ourselves visible, showing dedication, and thereby sending the message that the 99% are not going to shut up until we get everything you’ve worked for. The next move is theirs.


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