Global Brainstorming on Human Rights #acampadabcn #takethesquare #15M

This is a call to join heads and discuss issues related to Human Rights: their importance, their relevance in the new assembly context, the need to update them or ways for ensuring they are respected. We encourage you all to participate in sharing ideas, experiences and proposals!

Join the conversation!

[1] Collaborative document

Over the last weeks we have been calling for global assemblies to deal with different subjects we have in common. The one on Human Rights will be held on the 18th of November. It will take place on the platforms listed below. As a provisional space to express our ideas we have opened a pad write them down: We will try to get a wiki up soon. Please follow the guidelines for participation written inside, if not it could get really chaotic, thanks.

[2] WebChat at freenode

Web chat is a written chat, you can have it open and follow it from time to time. This chat is the same as using any IRC client on

Join the meeting room here #HumanRights

To change the default name to yourname_yourcity please put the following in the chat line
/nick yourname_yourcity

Example: /nick Groucho_Toledo

To open a new room type the following phrase in the chat line

/join #humanrights-NameOfTheRoom

For example if you want to set up a channel to speak in Japanese

Example: /join #humanrights-jp

[3] Voice conference on Mumble

There will be several independent voice conferences in the next weeks on Mumble. We will post them on the site with the due details. To set the software up please follow the instructions at

To connect use the following:

Label: Takethesquare (for example, it must be a name that gives you a clue to which server are you connecting to)
Port: 64738
Username: We recommend you use a format such as: name_country or city or occupation. For example John_UK or London or LSX. This is aimed to make communication more fluid, however, it is completely up to you.



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