Normalization programe of Russia (a personal view from Sant Petersburg)

Power in Russia degenerated into a criminal gang, parasitic on the people and natural resources. Powerful “elites” to blame for the degradation of industry, science, infrastructure and, most importantly, the demographic potential of the country. In the power system the negative selection, it is not able to clean itself and the positive changes that are absolutely not able to develop the country.

At the same time there was a strange situation where the vast majority of citizens (90%) are dissatisfied with the authorities, aware of her criminal, subversive nature, but in community cohesion and there is no consensus on what to do. We are mired in ideological warfare with each other, we are wasting our time and energy to debate stupid government initiatives and other information events, which we slip. The opposition has no simple, clear, understandable to all programs, so most people are sad and depressed, do not organize protests to the requirements for power, fear of revolution, so they see no alternative to the existing regime.

In this post I will write about how and on what requirements must unite all the normal people, no matter what political movements they observe, and to begin the normalization of the country.

What is normalization

Generally speaking, 10% of the population remain normal (honest, thoughtful, free) people in any political situation and reality. 10% always tend to be scum, scoundrels and thieves. The remaining 80% live on the situation and act according to situation, depending on the environment, these people are initially normal, but they have to “cave in” on Dr. nasty environmental reality.

Was such that the power captured by the class of scoundrels, thieves, scoundrels and parasites. The system operates negative selection, an honest man is a stranger and quickly squeezed out of power. Management system, captured villains, creates an absurd, ugly reality around. The state system, captured the dregs, cultivates stupidity, vulgarity, lack of freedom, it is designed to ensure that as many as possible (as the servants of the system, as well as ordinary citizens) to involve in corruption, make the lie, steal, betray and violate the law. For this reason, many normal people are trapped in frustration, sadness, fear, passivity, going to “throw” of the country, some even hate their own people.

Our task as a class of normal people – to unite around a common program, to take power and make the state normal. Parasites have made ​​it clear that change for the better and clean power from these alone are not going to hold onto power degraded to the end. We are normal people, the vast majority. Against us stands small class of thieves and crooks (several thousands), they are scattered, often bite each other for power and assets, they have only selfish interests, they will flee in all directions as soon as we stand together and show their strength and cohesion.

In the normal state, all have to live the principles of normal people – on the basis of law, fairness, justice, exclusion of parasitism. Representatives of the class is not hopeless rogues and thieves get a humane opportunity to atone and to live as normal as possible. Bad and very delinquent will expiate his guilt by imprisonment and labor.

We need to identify some of the most needed change, understood and sought by all normal people, fulfillment of which would be the basis for the further normalization of the country in all spheres. We are all normal (honest, thoughtful, free), people must make these changes – or they should make the current government and become a normal, or we should replace this power to normal. Here are the requirements:

Most cleaning
Direct (cloud) Democracy
Open and effective government

Most cleaning
Over the last twenty years, tens of thousands of people (many on a regular basis) with impunity medium and serious crimes. This is mainly government officials, their relatives, and various dealers, acting in collusion with them, the staff of state. corporate crime bosses. Their deeds recorded in official documents, materials, media, court cases, people know about them. All crimes should be documented, investigated and the perpetrators punished.

If we do not document the every crime, does not collect information on each offender and punish him, then we are doomed to continued lawlessness. It is not enough just to “reset” the system, we must break the old tradition of lawlessness and mayhem. To do this, honestly investigate all incidents and punish the perpetrators. Collect information about crimes and scoundrels we have now. To do this, you can create a database type to Wikipedia, where users themselves can create and edit articles about corrupt officials and criminals, of corruption and crime scenes. All articles must be supported by reference to mass media publications, court cases, etc. must be created separately judicial Wikipedia to gather information about all unjust lawsuits, judges, prosecutors and investigators. Many of these people went all facets of common sense, morality and humanity. For the sake of money and space in the system they are mass (less than 1% of the verdicts exonerating) break fate and lives of the innocent. All their actions should be investigated and the perpetrators punished justly. Everything has been documented in court cases, will only pick up and examine records, arrest and convict the guilty, free the innocent. How do we implement the cleanup. from authoritative public figures should be a committee to clean up. They will select a work of honest and capable investigators, judges and lawyers, the most gifted graduates of law and police higher education institutions. Selection – a thorough analysis of track record, achievements and obligatory check on a polygraph. All the activities of the committee and all the cleaning for each criminal investigation should be completely open access to the Internet. Man is weak, the system is so designed that the cover up and engage in corruption. It is necessary to separate theft and crimes against persons. We will give a chance to atone for the thieves and cleared. To do this they will have to voluntarily report their crimes to cooperate with investigators, revealing all the episodes, diagrams, and associates. They will have to compensate for all of his possessions stolen including money and securities in the accounts in Russia and abroad, real estate and shares in companies in Russia and abroad, and other property, including written to relatives and trusted people. They will need to confirm the lie detector, which covered all the property acquired through corruption, and corruption of all reported episodes. In this case they will have the freedom, the minimum floor space and the ability to live normally.

Those who committed crimes against the person and the people (such as planting innocent, wound up with false criminal charges, took away the property, killed, deliberately initiated anti-people laws) and wants to work (full disclosure criminally acquired property, and associates on a lie detector) will receive significant promotion: reducing sentence, serving in a zone of softer mode, the ability of public works, etc.

Those who would not confess to be caught, their conduct investigated corruption acquired property confiscated, including his relatives and proxies, and they get real time in accordance with the Criminal Code without retraction. Statute of limitations for crimes committed in 1991 should be repealed because the justice system since virtually no work.

A large number of corrupt officials have real estate, accounts, business and property abroad. They always try to escape. The Committee will pursue them through all the legal international bodies: Interpol, prosecutors and courts. Information on crimes and file for each fugitive corrupt should be available in English on a special website. Accuracy, completeness and accessibility of corruption should be obvious to foreign prosecutors, journalists and researchers. There should be no reason to doubt the humanity of the treatment and rights of convicted corrupt officials. This does not enable the countries concerned to harbor fugitive corrupt officials (for example, to grant political asylum for investment) or assign them to assets purchased with money stolen from Russia. Thus, all fugitive corrupt officials will be returned to their homeland and their property confiscated in favor of Russia. Direct (cloud) democracy.

Every thinking person must study the book “Cloud democracy” Volkov and Krasheninnikov, which describes the absolutely real and working model of a real democracy. Both the local and federal level, major decisions will be informed, thoughtful citizens directly. Traditional elections in its current form should be replaced by a system of cloud democracy. Thus introduced to the qualification to vote, to take initiatives and to be elected – the person must be informed (this is determined by the presence of a Internet as a source of information) and thinking (this is to determine if motivation to participate in the system). At the moment we have all the technical and infrastructural capacity to launch a direct democracy. By the way, the system is already deployed proactive citizens in test mode.

For attempting to buy, sell, voting and other fraud in the system must be installed strictest criminal penalties. Open and effective state. State – it costs the citizens, so it must be efficient, open and controlled. The state information system should be transparent and simple. All costs and revenues of the federal, regional and local levels must be fully open on the Internet. It should be a global system with a single simple and intuitive navigation to, for example, anyone could walk on a tree navigation of the total expenditure in the federal budget for the maintenance of the government to complete information for a specific tender in a particular ministry. Accurate and complete statistics on all aspects of life should be readily available. All records and transcripts of the legislative, executive and judicial authorities at all levels should be open to the public in a single information system. The number of officials should be reduced, at times, and increased wages. Position officials should be competitive and it will be selected by the most capable people. Multiple reduce the number of officials will be achieved by eliminating unnecessary government functions and by improving the efficiency of officials. The number of existing government functions should be as reduced by reducing the number of licenses, approvals, permits to simplify the tax system and reporting, the abolition of certain inspections. Every officer should have computer skills (office software) and the touch type method of recruitment. In the electronic system of state officials and citizens must be assigned to a special e-mail. Any citizen or legal entity able to interact with the state (to ask questions, receive information and documents to file tax returns and so on) via the Internet. All official business correspondence between himself and the citizens will be kept on the server, so you can analyze the effectiveness of management systems and to resolve disputed issues. The entire document should be stored electronically and on servers. How are we going to act. In the first stage of every normal person should carefully examine this idea, thinking, disseminate, discuss and write their own lyrics, better than this. At least 10% of the population are interested in politics and the Internet. At least 10% of initiative and support this idea. That’s almost 1.5 million people united by common ideas and program of action. Next, we will persuade our environment. Then Tie white ribbon on your clothes, car, when we leave the house. We’ll see how many normal people around, we will agitate anyone interested. Our number will increase substantially and cohesion. The day will come and we go to the streets to join us, millions of people dissatisfied with the government. We will take custody of scoundrels and rogues run cloud democracy and initiate other changes. It’s very simple. on the leader. There is a widespread belief that the opposition has a strong leader. The leader – a person expressing certain ideas, which is listened to and followed by the crowd. Any leader is vulnerable: it can be bribed, intimidated, physically eliminated, then all traffic will fall apart. So, we should not be a leader in the traditional sense. It’s time to totally free access to information and ideas. We will have a decentralized movement. Every normal thinking person is informed, has his convictions and is involved in developing new ideas on a par with any leaders. We will have hundreds of leaders – people just a little more charismatic and enthusiastic, but in the case of the disappearance of any of them, all traffic will not weaken. On the fear of revolution. There is a widespread fear that the revolution was a disaster and blood, that the revolution will be worse that take advantage of the revolution to their advantage any evil forces. This happens when the disgruntled masses go without a specific program, unity and unbending i ntent to enforce the program. We’re going to enforce specific requirements:

Introduction of direct (cloud) democracy
Punishment of criminals and villains with confiscation of property
Transparent and effective government

Each of these will require changes and no political force can not deceive us. We will continue to protest until the changes will not start and, if necessary, acted again. Violence and blood will not be. On our way so many people get up and we’ll be so convincing, that the army and police will not protect the power of the parasites and villains. With defeated by criminals and crooks will be treated humanely, according to the law. We will never stoop to their level.

Another option we have. We are normal people should organize themselves to take power, to arrest thieves and parasites, to make the state normal. In other parasites prikonchat country and us, or happen to bloody and ruthless rebellion that would lead to chaos and the seizure of power by radicals or proteges of global elites (Libyan scenario).

This is not a revolution. This power plunder the people, injure, kill, throws into prison, innocent, takes children from normal parents. Revolution – a change of legal power, but this power is illegitimate because it destroyed the elections and justice, and uses the law to commit crime and anti-just the people’s wrath. This operation will be normal people to establish law and order and arrest the criminals. “If people do not believe in your law, the law is what makes the people.” Our goal – do not change people, and the fulfillment of specific requirements. If Putin wants to remain at large – let repents, puts his fellow criminals and corrupt officials, and imposes a cloud of democracy at the state level. We will not drive in a dead end, even he has a choice. Lzhepatrioty can not say that we are puppets and the West are doing the “orange” revolution. We stand for justice and legal justice. All the corrupt and the criminals have the opportunity to repent and get significant relief, make amends and live a normal life. The time has come. Idea whose time has come, not kill, do not stop, do not destroy it. Everyone should make every effort to meet our demands – depends on our future.

P . S. If the post will be of interest, then the next post I will describe a complete vision system for Russia, it should be for each industry: economics, infrastructure, national and international politics, education, health, defense, ideology, etc. But those reforms will be possible only after a huge public debate on various platforms (internet, debates, research institutes) and vote in a cloud of democracy after the normalization of the country.

By patriot_anon



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