[bcn] 13th and 14th dec “Stop the Audience” in Barcelona

On the occasion of the taking of testimony of the deputies complaining about the events in Parliament on 15J, to be held on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 in the Provincial Court of Barcelona, from the Working Group 15Mlliure was convened various mobilizations in solidarity with the twenty citizens accused.

Under the symbol “Stop the Audience”, 13th and 14th support activities will take place to demonstrate to politicians and judges rejecting the harassment policy being carried out against some of the thousands of people protesting peacefully against the budget-cutting measures adopted by the Parliament of Catalonia.

People indicted by the 15J have been accused of “prevent by force, violence or intimidation,” the entry of the Catalan Parliament (Article 498 of the Spanish Penal Code), which carries a penalty of 3 to 5 years imprisonment, following a complaint filed by the far-right union Manos Limpias. This is a disproportionate charge while the charge involves an attack on democratic institutions. 15J Protests were not an attack on democracy, but were the expression of social discontent by the cuts, which if they are a clear attack on the social and political democracy conquered throughout the twentieth century. The cuts put to Parliament to serve the financial markets, reducing social services for all citizens, when no party represented in parliament include these measures in its election manifesto. Therefore, in order to gain political legitimacy should have been approved by referendum.

Judicial process continues. Currently, there are three appeals to the reason for not accepting the images and recordings as evidence, the withdrawal of the hearings apud acta (ie, not having to periodically go to court to sign) and the transfer of the case to the Provincial Court of Barcelona.

The latest actions of the police repression against the movement have also 15M result in fines of more than 200 people, in an amount ranging from 200 to 750 €, with wild accusations, and a fine of 750 € a citizen he used a megaphone to denounce the mayor’s salary increase and a fine person who made a painting in its own premises.

The citizens are still waiting for concrete answers to the unease expressed by hundreds of thousands of people, beyond the repression and violence. The causes of citizen outrage and protests are not a problem of public order, but pose a political change, so that solutions to the demands must be political and public policy … In the criminalization, citizenship continues to reiterate: “I was also in Parliament, and do it again.”

December 13 19:30
Plaza Catalunya
Demonstration in solidarity with the accused of Parliament and the movement against repression 15M.
Route: Plaza Catalunya, Fontanella, Via Laietana, Marquis d’Argentera, Pg Pg Picasso and Lluís Companys.

December 14 7:30 am
Arc de Triomf
Stop the Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona

More information at:
@ 15Mlliure # 15mlliure

Spanish/Catalán version: http://acampadadebarcelona.org/index.php/es/acampadabcn/item/542-aturem-laudiencia


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