[bcn] 2000 demonstrators denounce the persecution of 15M against a fortified Palace of Justice in Barcelona

More than 2,000 people have gathered to protest the rejection of the judicial process that instructs the Spanish National Court against twenty “indignados” from 15-M Barcelona.

The march left from Catalonia Square, very near the ice rink installed at the request of Mayor Xavier Trias. A large banner with the slogan “From outrage to action” and another where you read “If you touch one, touch us all” opened the protest. A van with a megaphone shouting spread against state institutions, especially directed towards the counselor Felip Puig and the Generalitat  president Artur Mas. The mobilization has been circulating by the side of the Plaza de Catalonia and then addresses across Fontanella street towards Via Laietana.

Along the way many have painted and have pasted posters on walls and banks, real estate, shopping centers and public institutions such as the seat of the administrative-dispute from the Court of Justice of Catalonia located near Plaza Urquinaona.

The march has continued up to Pla de Palau after a loud burst of fireworks firecrackers at the doors of the Superior Police Jefatura Via Laietana. From there they climbed the Avenida Marques de Argentera and Passeig de Picasso, to end the tour at the gates of the Palace of Justice of the Passeig de Lluís Companys, where is the room where Eloy Velasco, Judge of the National Court, will do the statement about the ten members  against twenty “indignados” encausades  as criminal proceedings.

At various points along the routewere heard shouts against the media, who have responsibility “to point” for later”fired” the police, referring to the huge amount of video tapes and DVDs of images,recorded on June 15 at the gates of the Parc de la Ciutadella, one half of the Catalan media were submitted for the police and the format of fotoprintersprovatoris have become elements of the charges against activists.

In front of the Palace of Justice has been read a statement and then two activists have drawn a huge graffiti on the floor of the central pedestrian area of Passeig Lluis Companys where it shows: “Stop the cuts. I also was in the Parliament. EloyVelasco are not welcome. “More than 300 riot police units that were distributed around the perimeter of the Court  and behind a barricade of metal fences built this afternoon for municipal workers.

During the declaration of the ten members is expected to remain the same  police restricted access to the interior of the building and under strict judicial control by the media. Judge Eloy Velasco will move to the courts before 9 am and appearances are scheduled to begin at 10am. Therefore the movement of 15-M has called a rally from seven-thirty in the morning. This midnight some activists discussed the possibility of spending the night over there.

Jesús Rodríguez

Source: http://www.setmanaridirecta.info/noticia/2000-manifestants-denuncien-caca-bruixes-contra-15-m-davant-dun-palau-justicia-fortificat

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