Protest Organizing Committee from Moscow resolution on 24th december




Civil Protest “Fair Vote for Russia!”


December 24, 2011  – Prospekt Akademika Sakharova

Having observed that authorities failed to comply with the demands issued during the public rally on Bolotnaya Square on December 10, 2011, the participants demand:

1. Immediate release of all political prisoners.

2. Nullification of falsified election results.

3. Resignation of Vladimir Churov and an investigation of his activities as  Head of the Central Election Commission; an investigation of all suspected falsifications and violations of election law, and legal punishment for those found guilty.

4. Open and unobstructed registration of opposition parties; adoption of genuinely democratic laws on political parties and elections, no later than February 2012.

5. That new and fair elections are held.

The rally participants resolve to:

6. Create a Moscow Association of Voters (MAV) in order to investigate violations of election laws and ensure election integrity;

Coordinate the work of election observers across the country.

7. Appeal to the Russian citizens to not give a single vote in the presidential election on March 4, 2012 to Vladimir Putin.

Moscow Assembly
This resolution was drafted by the Protest Organizing Committee, and will be submitted for ratification at the Prospekt Akademika Sakharova rally on December 24, 2011.  The English translation was prepared by the press center of the volunteers organizing the logistics of the meeting.  Please see for more information, or feel free to contact Masha Baronova, press coordinator at +7-910-445-9107, or Anatoliy Kats, international press liaison at +7-916-733-8530

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