[bcn] Catalan police raise the protest

VIDEO Catalan police raise the protest

If there is something that Catalan nationalism is not playing with, are the symbols. The police unions know, and very well, so they decided to raise their protests and  threaten to strike about catalan culture. Not speaken in catalan language and show spanish flags in their protests.

Although a few hours later the police unions removed the threat, the Catalan police do not rule disobey the order using the spanish instead catalan in their internal and external communications to protest against working conditions and cuts from the Generalitat.

However, past saturday, a group of police received the president of the Generalitat in an event in Girona with a flag of Spain and a popular spanish. A traditional paso doble.

Cops protest “Mossos trade unions have seen shameful cut their payments”.  Several hundred people from various groups of officers from the Generalitat, among others, health workforce, join the protests against the cuts has being implemented by CiU.

The concentrates carried signs with slogans like “Mas (Generalitat president), you bastard, cut your balls” and chanted various slogans against the catalan president.

Mossos vs catalan president

On a visit to an exhibition in village close to Barcelona, Felip Puig (the controversial catalan Interior Consellor) was welcomed with whistlesand chants of protest. Then Puig came to talk to the officiers and told them: “I understand what is happening” and invited them to seek ways of dialogue, adding he had thanked them to welcome him with whistles instead of spanish symbols.

The police unions will meet with Generalitat officiers on friday 20th, to address the demands, once the unions have developed a framework document and have been held the informative assemblies this week.

[previous article about Mossos strike: http://bit.ly/xXc2ao ]


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