XIV Squares Meeting this Friday – coordination of the Global Strike



This Friday January 20 at 7p.m (Spanish hour) on http://webchat.freenode.net/
Enter your nickname/city and the chanel #takethesquare. You can start to put informations on this PAD, especially if you won’t be present in the meeting. You can also start to chat or modificate the agenda.
Please, invite a maximum of WG’s or people who can be interested by this project.


Free Discussion
19h00 (60min) Cities Feedback
During the first hour and waiting that everybody join the meeting we will exchange about our local situation, answer to the questions and put in common or updates and contacts.

You can start to write here

Collective work
20h00 (30min) Ultimate version of the call. We will validate the updates on the call coming from AgoraRoma, OccupyFrankfurt and the collective pad https://n-1.cc/pg/pages/view/1011418. Call: https://n-1.cc/pg/pages/view/1072753

You can start to write here

Moderated discussion
20h30 (150min) Creation of working groups and platforms. We will see all together which working groups are needed from now to the 15 of May, which platforms they will use and who will administrate this platforms.
Actually we work with:
N-1 group https://n-1.cc/pg/groups/1010883/15m-global-strike/
The participative platform where everybody can put informations (videos, photos, files, links…), and open pages, pad, chat, wiki, thread of discussion…
FB event http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/325702037458799/
The social network where everybody can put informations and announces  in relation with the topic, (open to more people for the administration)
Mailing list https://lists.takethesquare.net/mailman/listinfo/15mglobalstrike
Regular virtual assemblies on IRC
The first working group created is in charge of the redaction of the global demand https://n-1.cc/pg/groups/475346/global-demand/ and people in DRY are working throw mumble assemblies and facebook on the May12 Global

You can start to write here

23h00 Official end of the meeting


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