Mathieu Lamour

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Minutes of the meeting on 12M #1
Saturday 21st of january
Sources and audio file of the conference

Purpose :

logistics for the international coordinators for the 12.M and onwards actions:


1. Coordinators that worked for the 15.O to explain the dynamic that has been used to achieve it. Tools used: Mumble, FB, N-1, etc. Work team structure.

2. Creation of an agenda.

3. Decide if the FB page 12M WorldrEvolution continues or create other one. Nominate administrators for that FB page.

4. Definition of International Coordination Work teams in FB and N-1.

5. List of main resources:

Internet web pages

FB pages and profiles

Twitter accounts

Other social media,

Streaming channels


6. Is a web page only for the 12.M going to be set up? and if so…

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