Testimonios del 99%

I am an art student in debt.
trying to prove i can make it
trying to survive on nothing
trying to help my parents who work to much for too little.
Parents that immigrated for the American dream,
but what American Dream?
All i see are greedy CEO’s and Politicians.
I AM THE 99%!

I am 25 years old and have $34,000 in debt for my education at a public university, even though my struggling parents sold their home to help pay.
I am lucky to have a found a teaching job in a caring community, but I am working part time and don’t have health insurance. I would have no way to pay medical bills if anything serious were to happen.
When I had health insurance at my previous job, the premium was ten percent of my income. Another twenty three percent went to paying my student loans.
A friend and I got a family plan together to save on phone costs.
I rented a Zipcar to move houses and got in a minor accident. The deductible was $500, payable immediately (there was no option to pay in installments), so I found myself one month behind on student loans.
I buy used, I ride a bike, I pay in cash, and I’m just barely fine.
It will be another month until I become eligible to join a local credit union, but in the meantime Chase just started charging me a $10/month service fee. Really?
I am the 99 percent.


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