Civil war erupted in Syria

I have not been able to do anything I need to! Here is why:

I have been following the streams of eruption tonight regarding Syria. After the conference call, Syria has basically erupted into a civil war. The Free Syrian Army has declared non-stop until Assad is removed. This was after five hours of attacks on several cities by the military wiping out whole neighborhoods of innocent people. More become ill when the water supply was damaged. Ambulances were attacked on the way to hospitals by snipers on the rooftops.

After this, Action from around the world. Syrian embassies everywhere were the base for rallies. Many of these have become very violent and still things are escalating. I write this note to let everyone know what is happening right now!

Tonight, I watch a man set up livestream for the rally in Cairo. They shot upon and he was chased. I watched and tweeted to teh world (as did others) more eyes. plesase. THis man is begging, “Please I dont know what to do”. Within hours, he marches back to the embassy with a few hundred. This is where stopped to let you all know that I am not flowing through on things, feel free to tweet me at @indigojourney as that is where I most alive tonight.

Here are the streams to follow if you want to see this, more pop up. follow #syria #occupymap to get that info.

Source: mail


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