We are all Greece!/Todxs somos Grecia


Event in Catalunya sq, Saturday 18th, 5pm.


With the new wave of criminal austerity measures and cuts imposed by the Troika (European Union – EU, European Central Bank ECB – and the International Monetary Fund – IMF), Greek people have again taken the streets to oppose to the impoverishment and looting of the country by financial markets, bankers and speculators.

Despite the images of violent protests shown by the mainstream media, what is really important is that real the violence in Greece lies in wages shrunk below 500€, unemployment rates that will reach 30% and cuts in social spending and pensions that imply deepening in the social genocide suffered by the people of Greece.  This economic and social violence comes from a Parliament governed by bankers and technocrats, not voted by the Greek.

The agreement adopted by the Greek Parliament last Sunday, imposed by the EU, the ECB and the IMF is a new attack on popular sovereignty. It includes a reduction of pensions and wages, the abolition of collective bargaining legislation and more than 150,000 layoffs in the public sector. The agreement will allow a new round of privatizations that will only benefit big European companies. The reduction of social spending, especially in health and education, has a dramatic impact on the welfare of the Greek population, which contrasts with the maintenance of military spending, one of the highest inEurope. 

Greeceis but the advance of a new neoliberal crusade that sweeps through Europe towards us. It is a laboratory for policies that sooner or later will be imposed in Ireland, Portugal, Italy and even Spain and France.

The measures imposed in Greece and elsewhere are not designed to overcome the economic and social crisis, nor to solve the debt problem, but rather to ensure the gains of creditors. Among them, the Spanish Government, which in 2010 undertook more than 9,790 million euros on a special loan toGreece.

This loan will not only not help the people of Greece, but will deteriorate even more the crisis that is already conditioning the adjustment measures and will increase the country’s illegitimate debt.

In this situation, we can not stand with folded arms. Beyond protests on the streets to oppose financial dictatorship, citizen debt audits are being launched. We can’t allow them to impose their illegitimate debts. We do not want to continue paying their excesses.

Not only will we refuse to pay the debt banks, real estate o corrupt governments have been accumulating on behalf of people here. We also do not want to participate in the impoverishment and looting ofGreece. Therefore we want to give up claiming repayment of the debtGreecehas with theSpanishState.

NO to claiming repayment of debt by the Greek people, NO to paying bankers and speculators debts!

Signatures until May 15, 2012 on following link:  http://actuable.es/retos/no-pagaremos-deuda-banqueros-y-especuladores-cobraremos

Athens on the ground [ENG] https://acampadabcninternacional.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/athens-from-the-ground-atenas-a-ras-de-suelo-acampadabcn-15m-occupytogether-ocupylsx-occupyfrankfurt/

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GdT Auditoría Deuda Bcn15M:
Coordinación Estatal Auditoría Deuda:


¡Todos somos Grecia! Concentración este sábado 18 de febrero, 17h, Plaza Catalunya


Ante la nueva ola criminal de medidas de austeridad y recortes impuesta por la Troika (Unión Europea – UE, Banco Central Europeo -BCE – y el Fondo Monetario Internacional – FMI), el pueblo griego ha salido nuevamente a la calle para oponerse al empobrecimiento y el saqueo del país, por parte de los mercados financieros, los banqueros y especuladores. Las medidas que se imponen en Grecia y en todas partes no están diseñadas para superar la crisis económica y social, ni tampoco para resolver el problema de la deuda, sino más bien para garantizar que ganen los acreedores.
Entre ellos, el Gobierno español, que en 2010 comprometió más de 9.790 millones de euros en un préstamo   extraordinario a Grecia. Ante esta situación, no podemos quedarnos con los brazos cruzados. Más allá de las movilizaciones en la calle para oponernos a la dictadura del capital, se han puesto en marcha Auditorias ciudadanas de la Deuda. Porque no podemos permitir que nos impongan sus deudas ilegítimas, porque no queremos seguir pagando sus excesos. Nos negaremos a pagar las deudas ilegítimas que la banca, las inmobiliarias o los gobiernos corruptos han ido acumulando en nombre del pueblo aquí.
No queremos ser cómplices del empobrecimiento y saqueo de Grecia. Queremos renunciar a cobrar la deuda de Grecia con el Estado español.

Firmas hasta el 15 de mayo 2012 en el siguiente enlace, para decir NO al cobro de la deuda griega, NO al pago de la deuda de banqueros y especuladores:
Anuncio de la Campaña por una auditoría de la deuda griega http://www.rebelion.org/noticia.php?id=144623
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GdT Auditoría Deuda Bcn15M:
Coordinación Estatal Auditoría Deuda:

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