Denver supports London!

New Beginnings:

With every eviction comes new conviction. In the face of civil injustice you must remember who you are and why you fight.

Do not let those that oppress write the fiction of your lives. Redefine and refine yourselves for new mornings and glorious nights. You are the prodigal daughters and sons of a new revolution in Europe and the World ! 

This is an opportunity to prove to the World that you stand for more than the power that try to push you down !

Let the feelings of true community bring you together so you may hold out against future suppression.

Trust your neighbors and do not feed into the dissent of your groups principles that so often happens after a raid. 

Remember those that have temporarily given their physical freedoms to rally in the name of London. Honor them when they are free once more. 

Pity the police whom captured heroes rather than face the morality of their own choices.

Let yourselves feel the anger and frustrations with being reset and channel it to come back twice as strong. 

Don’t give in to the destructions within and without, and know that violence is the bastion of the confused and dumb.

We’re above ordinary standards that have been set by weaker men. 

Are we not worldly? Do we not stand in righteousness? 

Be the change you wish to see.

With Due Love and Strong Consideration, 
Occupy Denver, America
Committee of Correspondence


Source: email at assemblies mailing list.


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