Join the Resistance: March is the time to Stand up for Tibet

1 March 2012

Dear Friends,

Since we launched the ‘Stand Up For Tibet’ pledge in October 2011 nearly 50,000 people have vowed to do what they can to help the Tibetan peoples’ hopes come true. This is a critical moment in the Tibetan freedom struggle, when support and solidarity from individuals around the world could help turn these hopes into reality.

With each passing day we get more news about the increasing crackdown inside Tibet and the renewed bravery of the Tibetan people. Most recently Tibetans have been detained and even killed in connection to peaceful protests that have been staged across eastern Tibet [ ] in the past few weeks.

For the past few months Tibet groups around the world have been working tirelessly to urge governments to take meaningful action for Tibet; and we believe that these actions are coming together. We have two key opportunities for us to raise Tibet high on the political and public agenda and we urge you to use your pledge to Stand Up For Tibet and take these two actions: ]The United Nations Human Rights Council is taking place in Geneva right now;

This is an opening for us to push for a meaningful, multi-lateral response to the situation in Tibet. Send an email action NOW [ ] requesting delegates raise Tibet and condemn the extrajudicial killings, arbitrary detentions, enforced disappearances and massive security clampdown imposed across Tibet. ]

Saturday 10 March: Be in the Streets | Join the Resistance

Saturday 10 March is the anniversary of both the 1959 and 2008 Uprisings in Tibet; an extremely significant date in the Tibetan calendar.

With Tibetans in Tibet taking such risks to get their message heard and acted upon by the outside world, it is critical that we be on the streets in larger numbers than ever before; raising our voices, calling on governments to act and challenging China’s extreme actions in Tibet.

This 10 March, join the resistance and let’s give a roar of support to Tibetans in Tibet that will echo across the Plateau. Visit [ ] to find a protest near you.

Thank you as always for your continued support for Tibet.

Best wishes,

Alison Reynolds,
Executive Director, International Tibet Network Secretariat

P.S Financial support for the work of the Tibet movement is always needed. If you would like to make a donation please visit

Source:  email at squares mailing list.


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