Invitation to the Agora in Athens : LET’S BUILD TOGETHER!

The world is changing faster and faster, and we are right on time to decide how we want that change to be. In recent years, thousands of people stepped forward, from words to action, launching numerous projects with the aim of creating the foundations of a fairer society: ecovillages, popular schools,

alternative media, “artivists“, hacktivists and “heartivists“, time banks, etc. Now is the time to share all these experiences and start building up something even bigger together.

A good opportunity to do this is the Agora that will take place in Athens from 5th to 15th May. It will be a nonpartisan space, based on the principles of inclusion, horizontality, non-violence and respect, where several meetings will be held, discussions and actions between different local, national and international projects willing to establish bonds between them and provide mutual support. During these ten days, we may share different ideas about the world today, and what we want for tomorrow, we will diagnose problems and propose solutions to local, national and international issues.

This event will coincide with the arrival of the peoples march: comrades from different nationalities, who left Nice last November 5th, 2011. Along the way, they held horizontal peoples assemblies in dozens of towns and cities, where everyone has been regarded as an equal at the time to speak and make decisions.

For all this, we invite you to participate in the Agora. We want to meet you and that you meet others. We want to be the excuse for the beginning of new projects. We want you to come. And if that is not possible, please do send us more information about who you are, what are your goals, how you work, which are the needs that will allow you to work better, etc. With all this information, we could create a small dossier of projects that may be useful for the near future, for tomorrow, for today …

We wait for your answer and your comments …

We are waiting for you!

Facebook: Ágora Athens

Twitter: @AgoraAthens

The list of transition projects, please add yours;


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