#HUBMEETING IN MILAN – March 30th & 31st, April 1st

This weekend HUB Meeting Milan took place in different social centers round the city. The first edition was held in Barcelona, September 2011.

Friday morning activists from various european countries (Spain, Italy, Holland, UK, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Belgium and Sweden) sheared their situation and experiences concerning democracy, immigrants’ problems, European Welfare, commons and austerity policies.

In the afternoon all participated in a demostration organised by diffent italian collectives and unions. Protest was against the debt situation, financial powers and the latest proposal for labour reforms. The meeting point was in Piazza Medaglie d’Oro and the peacefull parade arrived to Piazza Affari, where poeple from the different collectives talked about the main issues, asking for the writing off of debt, halt to social cuts and end of corruption. People from Anti-TAV movement called for solidarity with the difficult situation of the protesters in Susa Valley, trying to stop the unsustainble construction of the high speed train.

Saturday meeting was held in the occupied social center Casa Morigi. The main issues discussed were GlobalMay mobilizations May 12-15th (http://www.globalmay.org/) and Blockupy Frankfurt May 16-19th (http://www.european-resistance.org/es/international ). Cities made reports on the projects, ideas and situation up to the date. Work is in progress.

A skype call with an Occupy Wall Street New York activist also took place, who gave updates on activities and mobilisations programmed in the United States, that will concentrate on May 1st Mayday.

A call for actions and assemblies, with or without camps, from 1st to 15th May will be made in the next days. Countries present want to use the two weeks from May 1st and assemblies to build up to 12th and 15th May and discuss where to go from there at a local and international level.

Audiovisuals of the meetings:

http://bambuser.com/v/2518829 (1/4) 1/2

http://bambuser.com/v/2519084 (1/4) 2/2

http://bambuser.com/v/2516045 (31/3)


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