Help us break the media silence about M1

> Comrads!
> After what I think was a huge triumph yesterday, I wake up today to find
> that (unsurprisingly) the mainstream media has decided to almost completely
> ignore our M1 celebrations, the huge mass of people that hit the streets,
> the series of protests, workshops, pickets and marches that took over the
> day and the tons of powerful and hopeful scenes that seem to signal the
> coming of a militant spring/summer. So, in true OWS fashion, we must be the
> change we wish to see, and flood the airspace with our media.
> Which is why we've decided to launch an *emergency campaign to collect
> testimonies, opinions and observations of all of those that took the
> streets yesterday* around the country to publish them on IndigNación (
> We would like to turn this into an opportunity to
> turn our new platform into a real space of dialogue between what we know
> are very different perspectives within our community -- and I'm not talking
> exclusively of the Latino community. Although our content is exclusively in
> Spanish, we want to hear from everyone. Texts in English (or any other
> language, for that matter) will be translated and posted in both. Let's
> fill the silence of corporate media with the voices of the people!
> *PLEASE* take 15 minutes from your day today to write us at least a few
> sentences about what you saw, heard, thought or felt yesterday. Also,
> please share this email with all of your friends who were on the streets
> yesterday here in New York or in any part of the world, celebrating
> International Worker's Day. If you have photos or videos you want to share,
> we'd also love to see them. You can send all of your contributions to
> and we ask that you please do it *TODAY if
> possible*.
> much love to you all and onwards!

> **
> *¡Conéctate! *

Source: email at squares mailing list.

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