Frankfurt Blockupy Latest

Dear all,

Please note the Blockupy Frankfurt organizers’ response to the city’s ban of protest: ENG:



Blockupy is now getting a lot of media attention. Please help us turn around this decision, and in the process, raise awareness of the cutbacks of democratic rights to demonstrate in Europe and of the legitimacy of taking action against the austerity politics of crisis of the EU and troika. Below are some suggestions for how to boost awareness:

1. Facebook a. Event “Blockupy Frankfurt“ Click “attend” for this event. Then you can invite all your friends! If you don’t want to click around, there is a code that will do everything for you:

b. Page „European Resistance“ Please “like” this page and share it on your wall. Please also act as multiplicators: write to us and act as an administrator for a bit. Then you can invite all your friends, and afterwards you can delete yourself from the administrator part.

c. Friends’ page Please send friend requests and suggest friends.

2. DIY online campaign has already started: Photos with the banner “I’ll come to Frankfurt and i would love to C U there” are being posted. Please share and like! Here is the banner: Everybody can make signs with callouts to Frankfurt (for example, C U in Frankfurt) for actions in the coming days (especially 12M). Then just take pictures with smartphones and post directly!

3. Twitter!/Blockupy Please: follow, re-tweet, and always use #blockupy.

4. Videos So far we have videos from Italy and Germany: Please share, like, and spread these and your own videos!

5. Other Please share the media that your groups have made on the Facebook page!

In solidarity, blockupy international working group

Forwarded mesage

‘yes, the government of the city of Frankfurt plans to    ban BLOCKUPY:


But before you even think about cancelling your travel    plans, please note that this decision is still being heavily    disputed.

Previous attempts by authorities in Germany to prohibit these kinds of protests have never held (completely) in court.

Preparations for the protests are proceeding in full gear. Here are some of the newest mobilisation clips:

Sign a petition to demand withdrawal of the ban here: Please sign – and please distribute this request to friends and comrades all over the world!

All legal means will be pursed in order to waive the ban, and under    the constitution’s right of assembly chances are quite good to be    successful. And even if not, our comrade Christoph Kleine from    Interventionistische Linke (IL) publicly stated that ten thousands    of people would be coming anyway, so a ban wouldn’t be enforceable    at all.

At the moment, the rightists’ attempts to criminalize the BLOCKUPY    days actually act as a major mobilization campaign – so public    attention and support keep rising… :)

Here’s a short news article on this in English:



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