#OccupyManchester MON$T£R MADN€$$ MAY12 PROMO

Occupy Manchester in the UK will be staging an art activism event in Piccadilly Gardens in the City, from 2pm on 12M in solidarity with the Occupy Movement Worldwide.

The Monster of Money Madness will be a huge street prop /  notice board / mobile exhibition space upon which people will be able to stick their protest art. We have invited a number of local groups and individuals to take part and also hope the public will contribute on the day for example by painting posters, writing poems, putting together collages – all of which will be displayed on the monster.
We would like to invite Occupy Assemblies or individuals from around the Globe to contribute to our event. Please email us something we can add to the ‘monster wall’  –  posters, messages (in any language), drawings, poems, sentences or instructions we can follow to create a simple painting.

We know that you must all be busy with your plans for 12M but if you can send us something to display then please do.
Please send to occupymcr@hotmail.co.uk.

Good luck, peace and solidarity for 12M worldwide

Occupy Manchester Comms Group





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