Anti-NATO messaging call from Occupy Chicago


as you now NATO is holding a summit in chicago may 19-21. Occupy Chicago has planned several actions to highlight the local effects of NATO’s global policies. check for up to date info, for more information.

the occupy chicago press committee would like to ask your local Occupy, activist group, or work group, etc to help us in amplifying our messaging. we have very specific focuses for each day of our 10 Days of Action. each day will have a press release directly related to that day. almost every event will have live streamers and live tweeters from occupy chicago’s social media comm (#sweetcrew).  we are asking that your occupy group or grassroots movement share and retweet our press releases and twitter updates and livestream feeds, but not just to show the world what we are doing. we also encourage you to create focus on your own local examples of these issues, through your own posts and articles and actions.

to facilitate this discussion and exchange ideas on how to make this happen, we have set up a Maestro conference call to happen on FRIDAY 5/11 at 11am EST/8am PT. late notice i know, i apologize. 🙂
please go here for information on Maestro and to register for this particular call:

if you cannot make this call, and please please try :), please watch @OCPress and @OccupyChicago for updates. also, email myself or to discuss other methods of amplifying our collective messages.

please feel free to forward this email to any other area occupations that you have contact with.

thank you for your time.

occupy chicago press comm contact info:

occupy chicago social media contact:
hashtags to use:

Source: email at squares mailing list.


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