Continuing to shift the discussion from austerity to economic inequality, Occupy Wall Street and dozens of NY-based organizations join global days of action, May 10th-15thBeginning on May 10th and culminating on May 15th in a mass convergence at Times Square, NYC organizations and individuals from all across the city will join together in action around the many issues we face: from cuts in social services, to an austerity agenda that redistributes your tax revenue into private hands, to the financial institutions (that we bailed out) that continue to make record profits at our expense. Actions on May 12th and 15th are in conjunction with global calls for action–coinciding with coordinated protests across Europe and the Mediterranean. Watch the video here.

Schedule for week of actions demonstrating that another, healthier NYC is possible:

Thursday, May 10 – 6 PM – Kickoff assembly at Union Square: Another City, Another World Speak Out, around the issues that affect us all.

Friday, May 11 – Focus on Homes, Jobs, & Services |
For a city with good housing, good jobs, and good public services for all. Actions throughout the day including street protests, pickets, rallies, a film screening and more. For specific action details visit: anothernyc.org/may-11

Saturday, May 12 – NATIONAL/GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION IN SOLIDARITY WITH THE INDIGNADOS – Focus on Food, Environment, Health  |
A day for healthy food for all, a country with justice for its farmers and food workers, and an ecologically sustainable world. Actions throughout the day including a No Pipeline Bike Ride, speak out at a Brooklyn Hospital, and talks at the Brooklyn Food Conference, conclude with a day of work at La Plaza community garden. For specific action details: anothernyc.org/may-12

Sunday, May 13 – Focus on War, Police, Prisons, and Immigration Struggles |

This Mother’s Day, NYers stand for a city where no child is stopped and frisked, a country where no mother is deported, and a world without war. Actions include a Mother’s Day Peace Stroll, mothers protesting racist policing in South Bronx, a Queens march against Stop & Frisk, and a mother’s speak-out assembly. For specific action details: anothernyc.org/may-13Monday, May 14 – Focus on Education & Students |
For a city with quality public schools, a country without student debt, a world with free education for all. Actions include pickets at Bloomberg LP, and a kid’s brigade against childcare cuts. For specific action details: anothernyc.org/may-14

Tuesday, May 15 – GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION – Convergences at Bryant Park, 4pm and Times Sq. 6 PM |
Because the liberation of one requires the liberation of all. In solidarity with the Int’l Day of Action Against Austerity and War, marching tours of disaster capitalism will converge at Times Sq. A protest at Morgan Stanley at 12:30. For specific action details: anothernyc.org/may-15

Occupy Wall Street is part of an international people powered movement fighting for economic justice in the face of neoliberal economic practices, the crimes of Wall Street, and a government controlled by monied interests. #OWS is the 99% organizing to end the tyranny of the 1%. 
For more info www.occupywallst.org and www.nycga.net

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