UK Uncut Street Parties May 26

Hello Uncutters!

There are just a couple of days until UK Uncut’s Street Parties on Saturday
May 26. As always all of the information can be found on our website.

There are actions planned all over the country, to find your nearerst one
have a look here:

For those of you in London, make sure you have chosen your bloc and know
where to meet at 11am before we move to the secret target. Check out the new
video for more info:

The government are using the Jubilee and the Olympics as a sedative, this is
a wake up call. Uncut’s street parties are intended to wake up new ideas,
new connections and new collective power. They are about defiance and the
definition of a future that we want to see, where we live – that is
determined by us all – not for us, by a bunch of out of touch millionaires.

Remember, UK Uncut is you, nobody is going to stop these cuts for us, it is
up to all of us to take action together.

See you on the streets!

Source: squares mailing list.


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