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20 May, 2012

Desde Frankfurt: Blockupy Frankfurt – Informe 2 – Viernes

Crónica que llega desde 15M Berlín de Blockupy:
Viernes 18 mayo:

“A las 6 de la mañana comenzó a haber movimiento en la universidad. El Bankviertel estaba ya bloqueado, la policía nos había ahorrado el trabajo desde el Miércoles, pero nuestra furia puede más y queríamos llegar al símbolo del Euro en señal de conquista. Para evitar filtraciones a la policía ser más difíciles de detener, se decidió quedar en la Kaiserstrasse.

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17 May, 2012

Acta reunión ICBcn [17/05/2012]

Acta reunión jueves [17/05/2012]
18.30 hrs
carrer Sardenya, 261-263
Metro Sagrada Familia
Las reuniones de ICBcn son abiertas via Mumble en la sala Plazas – Barcelona – Internacional, del servidor
Grupos de trabajo vigentes:
Traducción: Mikifus+Miriam+Roser+Miguel
Deuda: Raül+ Emma + Javier
How to publish: Lucrecia+Miki+Hector
Media Center 2.0: Rok+Hector+Miki
Base de datos: Miki+Roser
People witness: Hector+Toni+Comunicació acampadabcn+Audiovisual
March to Athens: Rok+Benoit+Emma+Raül+Sara
Biennale: Hector+Raul+Rok+Jay+Miki
LiveStream ICBcn: Hector+Miki+Rok+Miriam+Jeza
Newsletter: Miriam+Pep + Aurea+Jeza
17 May, 2012

#BARCELONA #15M Newsletter nr 13

Hello from Barcelona,

this is the weekly newsletter that will inform you about the activities of 15M movement in Barcelona, Catalonia and occasionally the main events in Spain. If you do not wish to receive it anymore, please say so.

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16 May, 2012

Occupy Abai – day 8. One day in the life of protest camp against inauguration of Putin in Moscow – 14th of May

Occupy Abai – day 8

One day in the life of protest camp against inauguration of Putin in
Moscow – 14th of May

For photos, check original at

Before evening Anarchist singer-songwriter “comrade Arkadi” made a
concert. Later, a freemarket was opened, where everyone could leave
their goods and gather what was left by other people. Tomorrow 15th of
May, there will be a lecture on free non-capitalist economy in the camp.

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14 May, 2012

Occupy Copenhagen – MAY 12 – photos


May 12th, 2012 – Copenhagen, Denmark

In solidarity with the Occupy Movement’s Global May Manifesto, the Danish faction manifested today a parade in the streets of Copenhagen.

The procession was centred around a four-meter tall effigy of a politician controlled with strings by actors parodying fatcats – or the “1%”, as the OWS movement terms the wealthiest top-notch of society.

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12 May, 2012

12m-15m / Global May: Citizen Debt Audit Platform “We don’t owe! We won’t pay!” Spain, Barcelona

Today, May 12th is planned as a day of global struggle, with coordinated mass demonstrations across the globe up to May 15th. It is another step forward in the struggle of citizens against the brutal offensive of neoliberalism.

It is nearly a year since “Indignados” May 15th, and in this time we have built together strategies, actions and different campaigns, amongst them…

Citizen Debt Audit Platform “We don’t owe! We won’t pay!”

Citizens, 15M/Indignados assemblies and various social networks and organizations around the country are building the Citizen Debt Audit Platform to demonstrate the illegitimacy of debt, identify those responsible of the crisis and demand not to pay an illegitimate debt.

In the Spanish state, as in other countries in the European periphery, we are witnessing a Debt Crisis used to justify austerity policies which are destroying social and labour rights won with the effort and struggle of past generations. With impunity, basic public services such as education, health and social services are being reduced and privatized. People are helplessly watching how retirement age is delayed, living conditions made precarious, pensions freeze and labour rights disappear.

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12 May, 2012

12M: Solidarity with the movement in Spain! Solidarity with 12M everywhere! (Eng, Cast)

The alliance coordinating Blockupy expresses solidarity with 12M everywhere, and especially with the movement in Spain as the political situation grows more difficult. Please read below! (espanol abajo)

In solidarity, international working group for Blockupy Frankfurt.

Europe is in motion. After countless May 1 demonstrations around Europe, the people of France and Greece brought insecurity to the political and economic elite in elections on May 6. Now, for the anniversary of the historical demonstration and subsequent camps at the Plaza del Sol in Madrid last year, people across the entire globe are taking to the streets again. Part of a truly #globalmay of demonstrations and actions, #12M is making visible the emergence of a #globalrevolution.

The growing strength of this movement is being sensed by the political and economic elite. They are starting to work harder to slow us down – especially where the movement is strongest. In Spain, the Schengen Agreement was lifted for the days surrounding 12M. Many unionists have been sitting in jail for weeks there. The Plaza del Sol has now been closed off for days, and the political situation in Spain is worsening.

We manifest our solidarity with the people of the Spanish movement. We express our solidarity with our friends fighting for a better world in all places!

Our solidarity is our strength! Against criminalization of our movement! Against precarity, social cuts, escalations of racism and sexism and European crisis politics!

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11 May, 2012


Continuing to shift the discussion from austerity to economic inequality, Occupy Wall Street and dozens of NY-based organizations join global days of action, May 10th-15thBeginning on May 10th and culminating on May 15th in a mass convergence at Times Square, NYC organizations and individuals from all across the city will join together in action around the many issues we face: from cuts in social services, to an austerity agenda that redistributes your tax revenue into private hands, to the financial institutions (that we bailed out) that continue to make record profits at our expense. Actions on May 12th and 15th are in conjunction with global calls for action–coinciding with coordinated protests across Europe and the Mediterranean. Watch the video here.

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11 May, 2012

Anti-NATO messaging call from Occupy Chicago


as you now NATO is holding a summit in chicago may 19-21. Occupy Chicago has planned several actions to highlight the local effects of NATO’s global policies. check for up to date info, for more information.

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11 May, 2012

TACTICAL BRIEFING #32 – Occupy’s Turning Point

We innovate spontaneously – we play jazz

Hey you nimble dreamers, occupiers, believers,

Last May 15, a hundred thousand indignados in Spain seized the squares across their nation, held people’s assemblies and catalyzed a global tactical shift that birthed Occupy Wall Street four months later. Our movement outflanked governments everywhere with a thousand encampments in large part because no one was prepared for Occupy’s magic combination of Spain’s transparent consensus-based acampadas with the Tahrir-model of indefinite occupation of symbolic space. Now exactly a year later, a big question mark hangs over our movement because it is clear that the same tactics may never work again.

Spring re-occupations have largely failed here in North America. The May Day General Strike was stifled by aggressive, preemptive policing that neutralized Occupy’s signature moves. In light of these challenges, Saturday’s May 12 rebirth of the indignados could be a tactical turning point.

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