Notes of Chat Meeting on June 1 (Global Education Strike)

von “International Student Movement”, Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012 um 01:16 ·

::: TOP1: round of introduction :::

Around 40 people in Austin, Bristol, Córdoba, Koblenz, Marburg, Montreal, New York, Paris, Skopje, Solo (Indonesia), Toronto as well as somewhere in Austria, Bulgaria, Northern California, Greece, Spain and Taiwan joined the chat meeting on June 1st.

::: TOP2: Q&A on the ISM platform and the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE :::

What is the ISM platform? ->


::: TOP3: exploring common framework for the strike :::

[basis of discussion is the framework of the Global Weeks of Action for Education in November 2011:]

  • Why a common framework? It supports COMMUNICATION. A statement can describe the basic common ground for the global coordination. Symbols/Slogans enable everyone to visually link any activities with the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE when communicating on the local and to the global level.Of course all the elements of the framework should be treated as suggestions.
  • SlogansParticipants brainstormed ideas for slogans as part of the common framework and decided to publish them inside this pad:

    -> All are asked to contribute suggestions for slogans to be used for the framework before the next chat meeting on June 8th

    -> All identifying with the struggle are invited to the next chat meeting where participants will decide on a selection of slogans

::: TOP4: coordinating next steps :::

Things to discuss at the next chat meeting:

  • choosing slogans as part of the common framework
  • work on a statement as part of the common framework (put together feedback in connection with the international joint statement)
  • collect ideas for common symbols as part of the framework

::: TOP5: open space :::

Next chat meeting to take place on June 8th (friday) at 4pm UTC! -> details:

Inside a new chatroom:

All identifying with the struggle against the increasing commercialisation of education and for free emancipatory education are invited!!

greetings from marburg,



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