Occupy USA: The State of the Occupy National Gathering

Bonjour! Buenos Dias! And good day everyone!

For the past few months Occupiers from Sacramento to Boston to Kalamazoo to New York to Philly have been planning a National Gathering of our beloved movement in Philadelphia from June 30th to July 4th. Today we are sending out a press release to the media and to the movement so we wanted to send everyone possible an update on the state of the #NATGAT.

The Occupiers who have been involved in this project have done an exeplary job of planning an Occupy Caravan (occupycaravan.com) which will be convening in several strategic points around the country so that we can communally travel from all across the country and the world. For anyone interested in coming to the Gathering but cannot afford the expense to go it alone we would encourage everyone to connect with the Caravan.

As far as the Gathering itself goes we have been working tirelessly to make sure that we, in Philly, can provide anyone interested in conceiving and exhibiting a better world a space to safely and productively communicate and begin to coordinate nationally and internationally.To this end we have invited speakers from Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi, Rev. Billy and the Gospel Choir from the Church of Stop Shopping, Captain Ray Lewis, and the President of the NLG, among others, to come share in our vision building. In addition, we will be supplimenting this time with an open space for Occupiers, organizations such as Liberation Summer and the Brandywine Peace Community, and individuals to bring their skills, talents, and passions to share with the wider movement. Anyone who brings their art, their music, their trainings, or their wiilingness to learn will be given the oppurtunity. In keeping with the principles of the movement we are committed to keeping our space open for anyone willing to share. We will also be engaging in direct actions and community meals together. At the end of the week we will be engaging in a process designed to collectively craft a Vision for a Democratic Future. On July 4th, 2012 we will re-define democracy by providing the people gathered on the ground and those who gather in the virtual world a chance to exhibit true democracy. At the end of the week the Occupy Wall Street Guitarmy will be leading a 99 mile march back to Wall Street to deliver our vision to the lion’s den.

This Gathering was conceived, and is being implimented, in a horizontal, democratic, and transparent manner. It will be what the movement makes of it. The Philly logistics team has done a fantastic, and it does not need to be underemphasized so I want to re-iterate fantastic, job of bringing this together. We have set ourselves up to have an historic time of peace, love, and democracy and we hope you can make it. So we would like to invite you to come and share in our vision.

We would ask that you please utilize the tools listed below. Please RSVP to the invite on the facebook event page, invite everyone you know (whether they can attend or not), and forward this information to every network you have developed during your time in the movement and beyond. This event will only be succesful if we, as a movement, work together to make it happen. Today we received word that Occupy Berkeley and Occupy Portand have endorsed the #NATGAT proposal which brings the number of Assemblies standing in solidarity to 57. We ask that you too stand in solidarity with us and help to make this event the foundation shattering and paradigm building exercise that is has been designed to be.

Thank you to everyone who has lent their love and support but we are not done yet. Please visit the website and, if you can manage, donate a little or a lot to the cause. We have raised about half of our budget but would love to make sure that we can provide everyone who comes the logistical infrastructure neccesary to work on such a level in addition to providing meals for anyone who is hungry. If you wish to get involved with the work we still need a people who have been involved in local Food Comittees, Medic, Safety, and Facilitation to come and lend their time and passion. If anyone is interested please emailinfo@occupynationalgathering.com.

Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/368997049819496/

Twitter: @OccupyNG

Website: occupynationalgathering.com

Email: info@occupynationalgathering.com

If we have learned anything from this movement, it is that when people committed to love, peace, and democracy come together not only do they build change; they build community. We sincerely hope you all have the oppurtunity to come and build a trulyrevolutionary community with us. If you cannot come we ask that you consider joining us on July 4th for our visioning process in the virtual world (details coming soon) and/or consider donating the time and resources neccesary to make this Gathering as historic as it has the potential to be.

Please forward this email as widely as possible.

We love you and long live the revolution!,

LarrySwetman in solidarity with the National Gathering Working Group


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