InterOccupy Statement in Support of Occupy National Gathering

On June 30th through July 4th, 2012, there will be a National Gathering of the Occupy Movement hosted by the Philadelphia General Assembly and the National Gathering

Working Group which seeks to further the movement’s interconnectedness and provide all of us a space to explore what our vision is for ourselves, our movement and our world.

Occupy Philadelphia and the National Gathering Working Group, which initially proposed the event, have invited all people to gather on Independence Mall for five days of community and movement building, culminating in a massive outdoor gathering on July 4th. The main goals of the event are to strengthen our internal bonds, join together in direct actions, and engage in a transparent democratic process reflecting the values of the movement. It aims not at finding that elusive One Demand, but at finding out what each and all of us want to put our focus into, both locally and as a cohesive national and international movement.  It will allow us to strategically plan for the coming year, work on a vision for the future, and most importantly build relationships and skills that will strengthen our ties as a movement!

Since November 2011, InterOccupy has sought to build bridges of communication between individuals, Working Groups and local General Assemblies across a movement that stretches from town to town, state to state and country to country.  We do this in service to the interests of the 99%, and in the spirit of the Occupy Movement and its general assemblies which use horizontal, transparent and direct democratic decision-making processes.  We see the Occupy National Gathering as an amazing opportunity to fulfill these same goals in person.

InterOccupy is very proud to host the National Gathering Working Group conference calls on our system. The National Gathering is being constructed by Occupy activists from Alabama, Albany, Asheville, Boston, Chicago, DC, Delaware, Denver, Houston, Kalamazoo, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Missoula, New Hampshire, New York City, Oakland, Palo Alto, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Schenectady and Tampa, as well as Canada. It is a concrete testament to the power, necessity and viability of horizontal, democratic participation by people for people.


We stand in solidarity with the commitment and arduous efforts put forth by the NGWG in the ongoing creation of this event.

We stand in solidarity with all people of good conscience who are fed up and ready to stand up for economic and social justice.

We stand in solidarity with the premise that injustice of any kind is unacceptable.

We stand in solidarity with the belief that no government or corporation can ignore the will of the people any longer.

We stand in solidarity with The National Gathering and value its significance at this pivotal stage in our movement’s history.

We stand in solidarity with The National Gathering’s idea that we owe nothing less than a beautiful expression of our collective will to an anxious world grasping for reasons to hope again.

We will build a better world together.

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