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19 June, 2012

Proposal for a global action, let us think big!

Hi folks!
How far do you think that we are to get to organize a REAL GLOBAL single action supported and agreed by most assemblies?
We are people from #15m Spain activism related to different cities assemblies and international coordination.
Global <LOCAL> Global scheme
Nurtiring the local networks is very important. But same time we need strong global actions to reinforce our local work (its a feedback). Very often the problems generated by our governments and false democracies do not let us look beyond our local presidents or scammers, but they respond to a global frame. We have similar problems, so we have to learn from each other and act globaly too. OUR problems are global, because the scam is global.
Therefore, we are asking you to bring a proposal to your local assembly, let us all try to make a single action on a globally agreed date by the grassroots movement.

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19 June, 2012


Today’s election is a very expensive farce. It wasn’t difficult at all, and moreover it was imperative for a solution to be found back the previous ones, in May. Thus, they could have formed a pluralistic emergency government, supported by the main political parties (SYRIZA included), with the participation of the best and most upright we‘ve got and avoid all this drama. This was and still remains, despite the artificial polarization, the message of most of the citizens (including this 40%, the highest score ever, who denied to participate to this parody), together with a generalized depreciation of the political system as a whole. ‘’Politics without politicians’’ was demanded by many last year, from the so-called ‘’movement of the squares’’ that advocated direct democracy, and it was demanded again five weeks ago.

It’s a call for democracy, justice, dignity and hope.

The technically bankrupt economy was…

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19 June, 2012

Cronica 17 junio 2012- Cumbre de los Pueblos

Ellos, los del G20, se reúnen en San José de los Cabos, un lugar hoy blindado, asediado, al que no
se puede puede entrar y del que tampoco se puede salir.

Nosotras nos vemos, trabajamos y compartimos en La Paz. Salimos y entramos con nuestras
propuestas, con nuestras alternativas y denuncias a las políticas neoliberales.

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