Miner’s resistance in the north of #Spain (chronicle)

Well of Santiago de Aller, mine area of El Caudal. Five miners have spontaneously decided to rest at the bottom of the mine, for 22 days, in protest for the cuts in subsidies and budgets with the government signed for 2006 -2012 and now intend to violate, affecting around 5,000 families. From the five comrades who went to the depth of the mine, one of them abandoned his mission due to a severe anxiety attack, and another one was almost suffocated from within the well, with smoke canisters from a riot.

Area of Nalón, Candín Well – four of the five miners who started the 600-m deep closure continue 23 days after. One of them had to rise the surface, due to an anxiety attack, the other four still resist underground, despite the prohibition of the head of the mine to not bring them down anything at all. That same afternoon they got provided of water, food and blankets. Yesterday at lunchtime, a group of comrades from 15M Indignados Madrid sent them the cage down with flowers and a note of encouragement, admiration and solidarity.

Despite this terrible situation of danger due to tough conditions of dust, moisture, and lack of natural light, messengers have told us they have a high moral, and they will not leave until they have a response dialogue with the government, which numbed and silenced this situation and do not listen to the demands. Exceptionally, the owners of the mine have banned the media from entering the mine and contacting the miners, thereby completely isolating the event from all media coverage. In the 24-hour general strike, called for today in the mining after 23 days of protests, it is astounding the complete stop in which have participated the vast majority of businesses in the area. Barricades have been lifted and trees have been placed in four roads, with breaks in the Caudal and Nalón rivers, and the railway line from St. Eulalia de Manzaneda.

Yesterday evening at 7 pm, there was a massive demostration that marched from La Felguera to Sama de Oviedo, under the motto “Don’t close the mines,”. Also there has been a closure of several miners in the City Council Hall of Cangas. Supported by the unions SOMA-FITAG, UGT, and CCOO Industry Federation, miners continue their fight directly with barricades in the streets, by cutting 30 roads in consecutive protests. José Ángel Fernández Villa, spokesman for isspell-28”>FITAG SOMA, even chained himself outside the Ministry of Industry, without obtaining any positive results. It’s a shame how the Spanish government is covering up the voices of a workingg sector of the society, such as the miners, who historically represent the strength and courage of the working class.

After all, the Asturias Revolution became a myth for the Spanish and European workers left at the height of the Paris Commune or the Soviets in Petrograd, in 1917. The purpose of this government is to destroy the coal industry in Spain, literally, since mines are closed by filling them with water, which renders them unexploitable. On the other hand, Germany intends to create in the near future a mining industry (with higher costs than the Spanish coal).

This news contrasts with those from the major coal producing countries, China, USA, Australia, Russia, and South Africa, providing an increase in the production of that mineral in the next 25 years, because oil reserves are estimated to decrease, resulting in a progressive increase of the price. The duration of the coal reserves is estimated between 150 and 500 years, depending on the area. The extermination of the mining sector would entail the need of importing this mineral from other countries. This would seriously affect the economy of the area, condemning these basins to unemployment, emigration and a total depopulation.

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  1. Muchas gracias por el artículo. Me alegro leer que 15m apoya a los mineros. Hay que luchar todxs juntxs para lograr algo.

    Saludos/ Greetings

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