IO Meet Ups & Occupy Cafe Satellite Gatherings

Hey Everybody –

Below is some key info about offerings from InterOccupy and Occupy Cafe during the National Gathering. Please read on!

IO MEET UPS JULY 1 – 3 / 10AM – 12PM 

Get the Meet Up Schedule Here

In these meet-ups, people who are doing similar work across the country, can come together in one place to network, share successes and challenges of the work folks have been doing so far, and have strategic conversations about how to move forward both locally and together nationally.

The meet-ups are based on topics where Occupy organizing is happening (e.g. housing, neighborhoods, food, health) and will be lightly facilitated with the hope that conversations can continue during open space times throughout the remainder of the week.  Interoccupy is also happy to host continued conversations after the gathering is over.

A team of people from throughout the movement identified the categories for meet-ups based on available data such as occupy research’s  “why I occupy” and other sources. Interoccupy seeks to remain neutral, and therefore will help facilitate conversations around all these categories. The categories are intended to be broad enough to network a substantial number of individuals throughout the movement, but narrow enough to connect folks working on similar work. 

If individuals choose to plan additional meet-ups, interoccupy is happy to provide our services if they so choose.


Join Occupy Cafe in conversation LIVE
from the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia!

Local “Satellite” Gatherings beyond Philadelphia: you can organize a local “satellite” gathering of any size you choose, as a means of participating in an in-person group dialogue that is also part of the larger OC @ #NatGat conversation.  If you schedule it at the same time as one of our gatherings at The Friends Center, we can connect you directly to our conversation there via  MaestroConference.  You can also choose to  hold your gathering at a different time and then connect into the overall conversation by posting to the forum for #NatGat, and also by having someone from your group join a Cafe Call at a later time. For more info, email Ben Roberts:

Occupy Cafe Learning Center

We are initiating the Occupy Cafe Learning Center on the Independence Mall, where most of the main #NatGat action will be. We offer a series of one hour in-person trainings/workshops that integrate 3 vital principles for transformational community: 1- Inner Transformation; 2- Communication; 3- Management.

The Theme

Co-creating Transformational Communities: a global dialogue on growing communities that transform the world. 

  1. What is happening now?
  2. What is possible? 
  3. What are we inspired to do next?

Ways to Connect

There are four ways that you can participate below but now there’s another great way to Connect:

Your own Occupy group’s Satellite Gathering Live Webcast of the NatGat Conference from Philadelphia  Live Teleconference –

Webcast of the NatGat Conference from Philadelphia 

 * Live National Teleconference with small group breakouts

 * Livestreaming of the SF event will air nationally

 * Participation in the NatGat Declaration draft

Please Contact Phil Mastrocola to include your live gathering in the National Webcast at: or to answer logistical questions.

  1. In-person at The Friends Center in Philadelphia — Required reservations here
  2. On your phone, individuals can connect directly into the live in-person conversation
  3. Online, via the Occupy Cafe #NatGat Forum, starting NOW!
  4. Live-streaming video
Source: email at squares mailing list.

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