Global Chat Meeting: coordinating the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE together

Global Chat Meeting: coordinating the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE together
[noon EST, 4pm UTC, 6pm CET, 9.30pm IST]

Global Chat Meeting – July 1st

All interested and identifying with the struggle against the increasing commercialisation of education and for free emancipatory education anywhere on this planet are invited to participate in this chat meeting to continue coordinations for the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE [Oct. 18 + Nov. 14-21] together! Four chat meetings already took place on April 28th, May 18th, June 1st and June 17th during which participants from around the world discussed the idea, agreed on the common timeframe for such a strike and some basics regarding the framework. Furthermore they agreed to use the international joint statement as the basis for the Global Education Strike.

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::: How to join the Chat :::

July 1st (sunday) — noon EST, 4pm UTC, 6pm CET, 9.30pm IST
(to check what time 4pm UTC is for you:

also accessible via: #uproot
=> NO webcam or microphone needed – just enter your nick!

Agenda proposal:

TOP1: Round of introduction

TOP2: CALL to Action (max. 45mins)

TOP3: SLOGANS (POLL) and SYMBOLS for a common framework

TOP4: INFORMING more people and groups (e.g. collection of statements/pictures)

TOP5: COMMUNICATION Infrastructure (e.g. wiki)

TOP6: NEXT steps

TOP7: OPEN space

*This is just a proposal. Therefore the agenda items can be changed based on your comments and suggestions. Just send a comment to the list or express your suggestions at the beginning of the chat.

The chat will be at these times for the specific regions:

Argentina: 1pm
Australia (Canberra): 2am (July 2nd)
Bangladesh: 10pm
Brazil (Rio De Janeiro): 1pm
Bulgaria (EET): 7pm
Cameroon (DTZ): 5pm
Canada (Quebec): noon
Central Europe (e.g. Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Croatia…; CET): 6pm
Chile: 1pm
Colombia: 11am
Costa Rica: 10am
EST (U.S.A., Canada, Eastern Standard Time): noon
Egypt: 6pm
Ghana: 4pm
Greece: 7pm
Guatemala: 10am
Haiti: noon
India: 9:30pm
Indonesia (Java): 11pm
Israel: 7pm
Jamaica: 11am
Japan and South Korea: 1am (July 2nd)
Lebanon: 7pm
Liberia: 4pm
Malaysia: midnight
Mauritius: 8pm
Mexico (Mexico City): 11am
Morocco: 4pm
Nepal: 9:45pm
New Zealand: 4am (July 2nd)
Nigeria: 5pm
Pakistan: 9pm
Palestinian Territories: 6pm
Philippines: midnight
Portugal: 5pm
Puerto Rico: noon
Romania: 7pm
Russia (Moscow): 8pm
Senegal and Sierra Leone: 4pm
South Africa: 6pm
Sri Lanka: 9:30pm
Taiwan: midnight
Thailand: 11pm
Togo: 4pm
Turkey: 6pm
Uganda: 7pm
Ukraine: 7pm
UK: 5pm
Uruguay: 1pm
Vietnam: 11pm
Zimbabwe: 6pm


Source: email at squares mailing list.
ISM <>,,


2 Comments to “Global Chat Meeting: coordinating the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE together”

    • We tried to send the info to the mobilized students and teachers in Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia… No one seems to have any volunteer to coordinate the struggle globally. If you find someone we can give you all the info.

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