NEW CALL: InterOccupy invites the movement to learn about new collaborative tools

Heads Up, Occupy!

Join us Monday, 7/16 at 9 PM EST to learn about new movement wide collaborative tools developed by Interoccupy and

As you know, we at InterOccupy seek to foster communication between individuals, Working Groups and local General Assemblies, across the movement.  We do this in the spirit of the Occupy Movement and assemblies which use direct democratic and horizontal decision-making processes in service to the interests of the 99%.

We have had great success and participation hosting weekly conference calls using the Maestro conference call technology.  We are now pleased to announce a new integration between Interoccupy and the tools collaboratively gathered and offered by that will allow us to communicate through forums, create documentation in wiki’s, create event and call calendars, provide updates to a movement wide newswire and much more! These tools will allow for even more channels of communication between Occupys locally, regionally, nationally and globally, all located in an easily accessible hub located on InterOccupy.

Of course, we will continue to host Occupy generated conference calls that will keep alive the all important Occupy role of listening and speaking to other human beings.

To facilitate an easy integration into our new services, we are hosting a Movement-wide Conference call to answer your questions and explain in depth our new look and functions on Monday, July 16th at 9 PM EST. Come and share our excitement in bringing more interactive possibilities to Occupy!

You can read more and register here:


National Gathering Working Group Releases The Vision For A Democratic Future created at the Occupy National Gathering

In order to better facilitate communication of the visioning work done at the NATGAT, the visioning sub-committee of the national gathering working group has asked Interoccupy to send out the vision for a democratic future created at the national gathering in Philadelphia for consideration by the movement. This list is not exhaustive or representative but simply the start of a conversation. The National Gathering Working Group invites anyone interested in continuing the conversation about how to further build on, and utilize this vision to visit the new Interoccupy vision hub or join us on the next national gathering working group conference call this Tuesday, July 17th at 9PM EST.

You can read more, and find the vision document here:


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