Global Open Space meeting on Mumble on July 23 by @takethesquare

HOST: Take the Square

FOR WHOM: Open to all.

PURPOSE: Call on July 23, 2012 @ 20:00 UTC To discuss various action proposals:

1. 14th 15th July meetings (in Madrid and other places) to develop long term strategies of actions, disobedience, indefinites social strykes and self managing for a change of system.

2. European encounter 27-30th september in Madrid – translations coming soon!!

3. October Global Actions (Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th October)

4. Monthly action everywhere like the World Wide Weekend Occupy the World Wide Weekend.

5. #GlobalNoise or #potbanging can be every month OR on Oct 14th for the anniversary of OLXS and many other occupations.

6. December Action with dispossesed (next meeting in September)

7. Building up a horizontal-assembly based, non-violent direct action oriented new global citizen (Occupy/15M/DRY/Indignadxs) union(ism) that would organise a global strike – linking unemployed, students, women, peace strikes and already existing resistances to each other. A union would aim at hacking corporations (management production information) and the capitalist mode of production.

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Please email if you need to call for an earlier meeting.



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