Man sets himself on fire in Israeli social justice protest

Hello everyone.

I haven’t been writing much lately from Israel because things here have not been going so well, and I find it hard to explain the internal dynamics and the lack of organization in the Israeli protest movement.

However, a major event happened last night which, as far as I can I see, has not reached the international networks yet. During a demonstration to celebrate one year of the Israeli protests (on July 14), a man set himself on fire and left suicide notes around him. Apparently he lost everything he had in debt while trying to build a business, and was being forced to live on the street. He was evacuated to the hospital in critical condition, and he has been said to suffer from burns on 90% of his body. 

Here is the letter he left:

The State of Israel has stolen from me and robbed me, left me with nothing

and the Tel Aviv District Court blocked me from getting justice. — registrar at the Tel Aviv District court, broke the law, disrupted legal proceedings, out of condescension.

It won’t even assist me with my rental fees

Two committees from the Ministry of Housing have rejected me, despite the fact that I have undergone a stroke and was granted 100% work disability

Ask the manager of Amidar, in Hafia, on Hanevi’im Street.

I blame the State of Israel

I blame Bibi Netanyahu

and [Minister of Finance] Yuval Steinitz

both scum

for the humiliation that disenfranchised citizens go through day in and day out, that take from the poor and give to the rich, and to public servants

those that serve the State of Israel

The National Health Insurance, especially —, the manager of their operations, and the manager of their claims department, —, on Lincoln Street in Tel Aviv, who illegally seized my work equipment for my truck.

The Haifa National Insurance Institute branch, who abused me for a year until I was granted disability

That I pay NIS 2300 per month in Health Insurance taxes and even more for my medicine

I have no money for medicine or rent. I can’t make the money after I have paid my millions in taxes I did the army, and until age 46 I did reserve duty

I refuse to be homeless, this is why i am protesting

Against all the injustices done to me by the State, me and others like me

You can read more and see the video here:

Tonight there was a protest in his memory, here are some photos from the marchers blocking Tel Aviv’s main highway:
The man continues to be in critical condition in the hospital. The Prime Minister calls it “a personal tragedy”, refusing to acknowledge the collective circumstances that brought this man to do this. Other attempts of people to set fires to themselves or to buildings have happened in some places around the country.  

Following these events, there was a viral post by one guy on facebook saying he will stop doing reserve military service because the country stopped serving its citizens. After less than 24 hours the post was deleted by Facebook itself, they told him he was breaching copy rights restrictions (!!!). This is complete bullshit, and a clear case of institutionalized censorship carried out by facebook under the (clearly false) disguise of copy rights.
Source: email at squares mailing list.

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