#NATGAT: A Debrief [Document]

Hey folks,

Given the vast amount of information available online about the NATGAT experience I thought I would write up a debrief from an organizer’s perspective. There is no way to send this paper out without appearing self-serving but I assure you I mean this as an informational and conversation-starter piece. The NATGAT offered us an opportunity. There was so much energy for taking the lessons we have learned and shared back home in the hopes that we can coordinate more nationally and globally. If we can honestly evaluate where we are, where are going, and where wecan go then I am pretty sure we have the potential to not only uproot the tree of greed but also to create superior alternatives. But we must focus. Thus, I offer this little essay as a catalyst. It will raise more questions than it will answer but that is the point. I would like to invite you to a conversation.

Click here to download the file.

Source:  email at #GlobalNoise mailing list.


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