What is #globalNOISE?

#globalNOISE: It was first proposed by spanish #15M activists on http://potbanging.blogspot.com.es/2012/06/globalnoise-action.html and is now supported by several people & groups from the whole globe, for example from Interoccupy.org, Canada, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Sudan, South Korea. Its main goal is to create a feeling of solidarity between all the global movements (ie. #occupy #15m #yosoy132 #casseroles #G20 #Arabspring #russianrevolution #Sudanrevolts #greece #manifencours). We think this can be achieved by doing the same thing on the same day all over the world – making a lot of noise! For example by potbanging, music, shouting, singing, … (It doesn’t have to be limited to 1 day – imagine we make noise on lots of different protests all over the world, united as #globalNOISE.)
Right now we collect feedback from worlds’ assemblies and groups and try to spread the word about the proposal.

We are asking you to bring this proposal to your local assembly or nearest group, let us all try to make a single action on a globally agreed date by the grassroots movement.
Who is already in? Map: http://www.globalnoise.net/wiki/who-is-already-in-2/

More info: http://www.globalnoise.net/


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