INVITATION to Agora99: Meeting on Debt, Rights and Democracy

(You can find all the following information about Agora99 in different languages here: )

What is Agora99?
A meeting of European and Mediterranean movements and networks to talk about Debt, Democracy and Rights that will take place in Madrid between the 2nd and 4th of November 2012.

The cuts and plundering policies we are suffering are generated on a global and European level. The financial economy plays its game in a board that very much exceed the national borders.

What does this space make up for the 99%? What made that millions of people felt deeply affected by what had happened in Egypt, in Tunisia, in Portugal, in Syntagma Square in Greece, en Wall Street, in Chile, in Mexico and in many other places around the globe? How does this new type of politic structure works after the outburst of the Arab Spring, Iceland, Greece, after the 15th May in Spain? Even more importantly, how do we proceed?

What for?
We want to put in relation what we have learnt in the square and the networks in th econtext of the 15M with the knowledge of other European and Meditterranean networks. We want to produce and space for mix, cooperation and organization that could work at least at a European level.

The aim is to end the meeting with a common working calendar and common events around the three axes (Debt, Democracy and Rights) and common working tools.

When is it going to take place?
From the 1st to the 4th of November in Madrid. (Proposal)

What will be the content?
The meeting will have three different working spaces:

_ WORKSHOPS: Working spaces to exchange practical knowledge and experiences. We propose to have three workshops per each of the themes of the meeting (Debt, Rights and Democracy) although, depending on the number of proposals, there could be more. .

_ WORKING GROUPS/PROPOSALS: Each of the axes will have an specific meting during a whole morning or afternoon in which common dates, main goals, commons tools, etc. of that axe could be discussed and set up.

_ROUND TABLES: Two per axe, there will be more classic spaces, consisting on talks and presentations form the different nodes of the Euro- Mediterranean networks .

There will also be two GENERAL ASSAMBLIES: a welcome one and another to close the meeting with conclusions and achieved compromises.

How can I participate?
Through the web page, one can find the texts, minutes and calls, as well as an on-line form to propose workshops

If you want to propose something, please bear in mind:
A.- This is a European/Mediterranean meeting, try to propose things that address this scale.
B.- The workshops will be taken into one of the following working lines: Debt, Democracy and Rights. They are very wide issues and we want to make them complex, but is it important to keep the workshops within them.
C.- The meting has mainly a practical character, we want to share ways of making, working methodologies, tools, etc. It is easie rthat the workshops will go ahead if they are centred around these kind of things.
We will gather the workshop proposal during September and then we will make a syntesis process, joining workshops with similar contents, proposing cooperation mechanism between proposals, etc. with the aim of making the participation as open as possible while bearing in mind the limited time available to develop the meeting. To propose a workshop it is necessary to make explicit the content, methodology, who is in charge and the resources needed to make it possible.

How it is organized?
We are having open meetings, people attending in these meetings are coordinating through the mailing list Besides, the networks that emerged from the Blockupy are participating through the Blockupy mailing list and Mumble meetings.
The meting notifications will be published in and we ask to be spread as widely as possible.
We have also created three working groups:
– Content
– Communication
– Logistics

If you are planning to attend, in order to facilitate the logistics aspects, it’s very important to fill this form please

For any further information, you can contact at

It’s an open meeting, so you can freely spread widely this invitation

Hoping to meet you there,



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