Refugees ‘Right to Exist’ win lawsuit for tents

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Refugees ‘Right to Exist’ win lawsuit for tents
The Hague mayor prohibits announced demonstrations

[caption:] Illegal immigrants are people too – says banner ‘Right to Exist’

Exactly one week after the action camp of the refugees from ‘Right to Exist’ at the Koekamp in The Hague was started, the group wins the legal battle for the allowing of tents.

Mayor Van Aartsen of The Hague has done everything to prohibit, deny and eliminate the camp. But ‘Right to Exist’ persisted with no more than the little shelter of some party tents in rain, wind and storm, and today claims victory.

The camp can and will remain indefinitely. Three demonstrations took place last week from the camp, to the parliament, to the Repatriation and Departure Service, and the center of The Hague.

Simultaneously with this victory, Van Aartsen has banned three demonstrations to be held later this week (on Thursday, Friday and Saturday) because the authorities would be not informed in time. The Hague is the only municipality in the Netherlands that applies a period of four times twenty four hours before a protest takes place. This is contrary to the European regulations.

The ruling of the Administrative Court on the tents implies, briefly:

Tents are allowed.

There are some conditions:
2 sides must be closed (ie plain canvas).
1 side must be transparent
1 side must be open.
The open side may vary depending on wind direction.

The open side and the transparent side should together form an angle. The other angle consists of two closed sides.

‘Right to Exist’ stresses yet again:

We want a humane solution for all refugees! We are mainly rejected asylum refugees who can not return to the land where we come from. We are not evictable, but also denied a residence permit. Therefore we are lawless and unable to claim our human rights.

We are fighting not only for the people in our situation, but for all refugees who are dumped into asylum centers, held in detention or being abandoned on the streets without care, without home, without any hope for a life in dignity. A country like the Netherlands should accommodate people who left everything to build a normal life. This is everyone’s right! People don’t take refuge without reason!

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Livestream Occupy Den Haag:


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