September 27, 1530 hrs

Dear people,

Last night, police cleared the Neptuno roundabout by force. It wasn’t as spectacular as the night before, but this time there was no provocation of any kind. People were just beaten off the tarmac, and they dispersed. At Cibeles there were reports of rocks being thrown at police, of shots being fired, of a container being burned.

The Spanish media are keen on portraying this as a marginal protest by a handful of unemployed indignados and angry violent lefties. They don’t dare to acknowledge how widely the malcontent has spread through all layers of the population. The Spanish government has too many problems to attend to as it is, between Catalan separatists whom they understandably accuse of opportunism, and the impending bankruptcy of the state, which could result in a hostile takeover.

 The media also don’t mention a word about the resonance of the protest in Spain…

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  1. La pgina que me enviais tiene un vdeo que dice que est retirado para ser visto, por rdenes vuestras. …?. Gracias

    2012/9/29 International Comission Barcelona

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