Spain: Next actions in October: No to the Debt State Budgets 2013

Draft-document that rejects the State Budget 2013

Not to the budgets

On 29th September was presented to Parliament the draft State Budget for 2013. Presumably, after regular processing a mock debate in Congress, will be approved by the plenary in mid-November without substantial changes.

These budgets have been prepared without taking into account the material conditions in which the population is, delving into the line of higher taxes and deep cuts in health, education, dependency, research, etc. The last modified Article 135 of the Constitution, without popular consultation mortgaged our sovereignty to markets and prefaced the payment of a debt that there was no been generated by the population at the expense of our rights. The purpose of the budgets for the coming year is to expropriate resources that belong to pay the enormous debt than others, because of their private interests, they have collapsed.

The institutional system in which we are immersed obvious, if not prevent, participation in decisions that affect the whole population and limited to elections following which the parties not complying with their programs. Who should be our political representatives and act on popular demand to address our real needs follow the dictates of external agencies, outside the popular sovereignty.

The draft budget for 2013 endorses the irrationalities and injustices in the organization of public resources, reaffirming that we will be the vast majority of people who will pay the debt. A debt that, in large part, is private and has been transformed in public through bailouts to banks, and therefore, it is illegitimate. It is essential to implement an audit that publicly clarify how much its owe, why its owe, and who owe and therefore who should pay.

The spiral of austerity, cuts and debt in which we entered in 2009 in all the countries of southern Europe is not serving to improve the situation. The draft budget for 2013 continues in the same line, it endorses the irrationalities and injustices in the organization of public resources and charges in the population the payment of the debt clearly unpayable by further cuts in social rights (as the most probably cuts in the pension system).

The consequences of these budgets are beyond the term for which they are approved. Cut in social progress achieved for decades affect several generations. Therefore, we propose that the project must be returned.


October 19

On Friday 19th we will deliver in the Congress a resounding rejection document to the State Budget for 2013, this State Budget have the distinction of being the most unfair and unrealistic for the last three decades. In the preparation of this document are participating all groups, assemblies, and other movements.

October 23

From Tuesday 23th Congress votes (so to speak) these budgets, where 1 in 4 euros will be used to pay the interest of the illegitimate debt, which puts it ahead of any other social spending. The Budget and the vote (a ritual and empty act) exemplify the delegitimization of how are moving the real masters of the country: banks, large fortunes and financial powers.

On 23th, back the classic #SurroundTheCongress from 7pm, beginning with a discussion forum with different alternatives groups in Neptuno sq. It will be our contribution to the monologue that will take place inside the Congress. And at that point we already be thousands of people, we already surround the Congress, in a literal and metaphorical way, non-violently, and with intelligence. There is not a starting hour, but we’ll leave the square when their “lordships” leave the Congress after fulfilling with their part of the paripé.

October 25

We return on Thursday 25th with decentralized days of action and civil disobedience, which will be specifying these daysin the open meetings. We invite all collectives, assemblies and affinity groups to make as much actions as you consider.

October 27

Rally in Madrid: We leave España Sq, continue to Callao and then to Cibeles and finally Neptuno sq.



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