PalestinaTomaLaCalle: We condemn the banning of 30 passengers from “The Estelle” from traveling to Gaza

from PalestinaTomaLaCalle, madrid

We condemn the banning of 30 passengers from “The Estelle” from traveling to Gaza

We condemn the Israeli government’s prevention, detention and imprisonment of the following 30 international solidarity activists who were on board “The Estelle” and who were on their way to Gaza:

Member of Parliament: Hagen Aksel Norway 10/04/1953

Member of Parliament: Britton Sven Sweden 14/06/1938

Member of Parliament: Kodelas Dimitios Greece 02/01/1979

Member of Parliament: Sixto Ricardo Spain 07/01/1967

Member of Parliament: Diamantopoulos Evangelos Greece 20/04/1980

Former Member of Parliament: Manly James Canada 29/10/1932

Opperdoes Joel Arvid Alexander Sweden 1983-06-20

Andreasson Charles Bertil Sweden 1965-03-10

Särner Daniel Karl-Erik Sweden 1985-12-16

Uddebrant  Johan Lars OS Sweden 1981-06-28

Widell Anders Nils Olof Sweden 1986-07-11

Reksten Herman Elias Norway 1989-10-06

Elhanan Elazar Israel 1977-04-01

Sjøstrøm Nils Johan Norway 1963-11-10

Koivisto Velimati Finland 1968-03-01

Hammervold Jan Petter Norway 1944-27-03

Feiler Dror Sweden 1951-31-08

Svenberg Kristian Sweden 02-07-1947

Boethius Maria-Pia Sweden 09/04/1947

Mor Reut Israel 09/08/1982

Jämiä Mika Finland 1959-09-06

Arau Crusellas Laura Spain 02/05/1980

Ramazzotti Stockel Marco Italy 17-09-1947

Shapira Yonathan Israel 12-02-1972

Tiktopoulos Mikhalis Greece 24/12/1946

Zabale Gouzalet  BegoÒa Spain 09/01/1950

Stamellos Loukas Greece 22/06/1979

Piassas Evangelos Greece 02/04/1947

Gardell Mattias Sweden 10/08/1959

Vinthagen Stellan Sweden 13/10/1964

We call upon the international community to exert pressure on the Israeli Occupation Forces and compel them to allow these activists to have access to Gaza.

Activists have the right to express their solidarity with the just Palestinian cause.

Their rights should not be violated by Israel or other countries which grant impunity to Israel.

Thirty international solidarity activists were supposed to have arrived at Gaza’s port on the morning of 20 October 2012

WE reiterate our condemnation of Israel’s actions against solidarity activists and WE ask for their immediate release.

We totally support the efforts exerted by international solidarity activists in support of the Palestinian cause and the end of the siege of Gaza.

send to 

Mr. Martin Nesirky – Ban Ki-Moon Spokesperson

Catherine Ashton – High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy – European Commission

list european members of parlament:;jsessionid=5793938E9C2CCD9961DE9EBAD20F088B.node2

Ban Ki-moon contacts:

Israeli Embassy in the world:

European press:

different contacts:


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